What Should We Buy on Dhanteras?

What Should We Buy on Dhanteras? | Real Estate Diwali Offer

With another Diwali season approaching soon, celebrations around the country have begun in full swing. Dhanteras, the first day to begin Diwali celebrations, is considered an auspicious occasion to purchase new items to invite prosperity and happiness into our lives.

The market is beaming with exciting Diwali offers to make Dhanteras shopping more fulfilling and attractive. From gold and silver to home décor and artefacts, a Dhanteras what-to-buy list can be customised per requirements.

So, if anyone is wondering what we should buy on Dhanteras, the list below will help you out.

Detailed List of Things to Buy on Dhanteras

  • Dream Home Purchase

Buying a new home is one of the most important investments, and what better time to do it than Dhanteras? It is undoubtedly the best time to purchase one’s dream home with the ongoing real estate offers from renowned builders.

During the festive season, one can easily find a serene set-up or a prestigious residential property that can engulf anyone with its high quality and elegant designs.

  • Gold and Silver Investments

One of the most popular investments during Dhanteras is gold and silver. These precious metals are symbols of wealth and prosperity, making them ideal investment options for those looking to bring good luck into their lives. Gold jewellery is also a great investment option, as it has historically proven to be a lucrative asset, adding to the diversification of the wealth portfolio in the long run.

  • Ganesh & Laxmi Idols

People also tend to buy idols or statues of Ganesh and Laxmi, the Hindu Gods associated with wealth and prosperity, on Dhanteras. These religious figurines are known to bring good fortune to a home, so they make an excellent purchase option for anyone looking to make the most of the ongoing Dhanteras offers, especially for people who like to buy idols made from precious metals and expensive materials.

  • Vehicles

Many car dealerships have special Diwali sales that offer significant discounts on vehicles of all kinds, from sedans and sports cars to bikes and SUVs. So, whether one needs something practical to get around town or something flashy to showcase their individual style, buying a new vehicle on Dhanteras is a great way to take advantage of this festive season.

  • New Appliances

A relatively less popular but extremely beneficial purchase this Dhanteras season is home appliances. People can elevate their modern kitchen with new home appliances with high quality and performance. One can also invest in energy-efficient appliances around the house, like air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, and much more, to welcome this festive season on a high note.

  • Portfolio Diversification

Financial well-being has become one of the top priorities for today’s woke population. So, one can change up and experiment with Dhanteras purchases by investing in stocks and mutual funds.

This investment category may not provide liquidity benefits immediately, but in the long run, it will help grow wealth significantly. Research and choose investment options wisely to receive good luck and wealth through portfolio diversification.

  • Gomti Chakra

If anyone wants a unique purchase this Diwali season, they can buy Gomti Chakra, a rare shell-like stone found only in the Gomti river. Dhanteras is all about inviting abundance and good fortune into the buyer’s life. Gomti Chakra signifies blessings from Goddess Lakshmi and protects from negative energies, making it an investment for prosperity and good luck.

  • Real Estate Investment Groups

People who want to approach Dhanteras with passive real estate investments can consider joining an investment group. These groups pull money from multiple investors to purchase property, which is then managed by a professional team. This is a great way to start investing in real estate without the stress of risk and investment management.

There are many different types of real estate investment groups, so it’s important that anyone interested in it does proper research to find the one that aligns with their goals and interests the best.

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a great option if someone wants to enter the investment market to get consistent profits. REITs are a great way to get exposure to the real estate market and build a strong portfolio without having to purchase property directly.

  • House Flipping

Still confused about what to buy on Dhanteras for guaranteed returns, house flipping can be a great alternative to direct real estate investment. House flipping is when one person purchases a property, makes a few improvements, and sells it for a profit.

It is a great way to make money in the real estate market this Dhanteras. People can avail great festive discounts on property purchases and make a profit for themselves by selling it after investing in beautifying and elevating the property with few improvements.

Final Thoughts

Buying gold on Dhanteras is quite common, but it’s not the only thing one can purchase. People looking for an investment offering steady returns should consider investing in real estate or other investment options like mutual funds and stocks. If anyone is looking for purchases that have high usage, investing in home appliances and décor pieces is recommended.

With that being said, purchasing a new house is one of the best investments this Dhanteras. A homebuyer who wants to give themselves and their loved ones a dream home with top-notch comfort and quality can find several opulent and luxurious options with Piramal Realty. Hurry and book a new home today!

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