Ideal Residents of East-Facing Homes

Vastu Shastra determines that government officials, politicians, and entrepreneurs are ideal for east-facing homes. Since the east side is governed by the sun god, the direction can be associated with power, elegance, and authority.

The east side also refers to the element of air and signifies creativity, focus, agility, and new beginnings. Therefore, artists, designers, photographers, writers, musicians, and dancers also benefit from staying in east-facing properties.

People with the Dhanus and Simha Rashi should also look for an east-facing house Vastu plan. Individuals from the Mesha Rashi also benefit from properties facing the east.

Suitable Colors for an East-Facing Home

According to Vastu Shastra, east-facing homes should have a balanced color scheme. The colors in an east-facing home should make the rooms look fresh. Light green, blue, and light grey are ideal for east-facing properties. Light pink and white are also suitable because they exhibit an amount of freshness.

Master Bedroom in an East-Facing Property

A 3 BHK east-facing house plan, as per Vastu, should have the master bedroom in the southwest direction. The master bedroom should be larger than all the other rooms in the home. The bed in the master bedroom should be in the south or west. People sleeping in the master bedroom should have their heads towards the west or south and their legs towards the north or east.

If a dressing room is present in the master bedroom, it should be on the north or west side. The door of the bathroom inside the master bedroom should be always closed. In a 3 BHK east-facing house plan, as per Vastu, the bathroom should never be in front of the bed.

Living Room Placement

Vastu Shastra suggests that the living room inside an east-facing property should be in the northeast direction. The west and south walls of the living room should be longer and thicker than the north and east walls. It will help bring prosperity and good fortune to both the professional and personal lives of homeowners.

Pooja Room for East-Facing Properties

A pooja room east-facing house Vastu plan recommends that the pooja room should be in the northeast direction. An east-facing 2 BHK house plan or 3 BHK property should have the pooja room far away from the bathroom. An entrance facing the southeast direction is ideal for placing Vastu pyramids. Individuals can place two pyramids on either side of the door and one on top. Placing a Trishul, Swastika, and Om on both sides of the door can be quite auspicious.

Kitchen in an East-Facing Home

An east-facing 2 BHK house plan should include the kitchen in the southeast direction. The northwest direction is also quite good for the kitchen. But the northeast, west, and north should be strictly avoided for setting up the kitchen. The person who is cooking should face the east in a kitchen facing the northeast and the west in a kitchen facing the northwest. Keeping the oven, stove, and toaster in the southeast and the refrigerator in the southwest direction can attract positive energy in the kitchen.

Dining Room in a Home Facing the East

A 2 BHK or a 3 BHK east-facing house plan, as per Vastu, should have the dining room in the west, south, or east directions. While sitting at the dining table, individuals should face the east, west, or north. The head of the family residing in an east-facing property should always face the east while dining.

Ending Note

People staying in an east-facing property should place a rising sun painting in the east to improve their bonds with family and friends. An east-facing house Vastu plan recommends adding more greenery to attract growth. Purchasing Vastu-compliant homes from Piramal Realty will enable individuals to shine bright.

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