The Importance of Malmatta Patrak

Having a property card is of paramount importance as it serves as crucial proof of the ownership, status, and legal details of the property. Until recently, getting the property details for buying or selling was a cumbersome process that involved time and money.

However, with the advancement of technology and increasing demand for land information, the Maharashtra government introduced malmatta patrak.

Importance of City Survey Property Card for Buyers

  • The Malmatta Patrak serves as an assurance to the buyers concerning the details and rightful ownership of the land.
  • With the help of this card, one can smoothly verify the details of the owners, and the details of the land from the beginning, and make an informed decision.
  • With the help of the property number, litigation details, etc., buyers can be at peace knowing that the property they are buying is clean and free from any legal disputes.
  • The card also serves as a 100% assurance from the buyer’s side, in case of loans and borrowings.

Importance of City Survey Property Card for Sellers

  • As a seller, one can remain confident about the land details and ownership titles with the help of the property card.
  • At the time of sale, the card ensures smooth transactions since the buyers can access true and up-to-date information about the land.
  • Properties with a property card have a clean title and higher values as no document or information is missing.
  • The ownership is established, reducing the chances of tampering with records, misusing property, forgery, etc.
  • Having a property card ensures there is no land-grabbing
  • In case of any court litigations, the owner can prove his/her ownership rights

Importance of City Survey Property Card for Government Authorities

  • It establishes the details of the true owner of the land in an urban area which the government can keep in its records.
  • All the transactions that took place from the beginning can be traced with the help of the property card.
  • The card serves as evidence in the court of law.
  • Since all the land information in Malmatta Patrak is available online, government authorities are relieved of tons of paperwork and streamline the process of getting information about a particular property.

What Information is Included in the Property Card Maharashtra?

  • Title of the land owner, changes in land ownership over time
  • City survey number of the land
  • The location
  • Plot number of the land
  • The total area in square metre
  • Complete details of the taxes levied on the property and whether paid or not paid
  • Encumbrance record (details of registered transactions like sale, mortgage, lease, etc.)
  • Mutation record (transfer or change of title)
  • Particulars of loans taken

How to Apply for Malmatta Patrak Online?

A land owner looking to apply for a property card Maharashtra can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the home page of Maharashtra Aaple Sarkar website.
  • Create an account on the rights to service page.
  • Use the login ID and password to login to the portal.
  • When the new page appears, select the revenue department from the menu on the left.
  • From the sub-department option, select the land record department option.
  • Select the option “application for issuing a certified copy of property card.”
  • Enter the details asked on the page like name, address, aadhaar card, etc.
  • Provide the details like ward number, city survey number, etc.
  • Upload the land owner’s photo, ID proof, and signature (digitised).
  • Proceed and complete the payment of the fee. All the details will be displayed.

One can use the same portal to check the application status.


Securing land ownership is now at the fingertips with the introduction of the city survey property card online.With the help of this card, one can view and verify complete details of any land to be purchased or sold. It establishes authenticity and ownership which ensures swift navigation in case of any legal hassles.

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