What are the factors that impact FSI in construction?
  • Type of the building (commercial/residential)
  • Size of the plot
  • Location of the plot
  • Amenities and facilities provided (power, water, sewer lines, etc.)

Apart from these, FSI can vary depending on additional amenities, such as lifts, shafts, driveways, porches, service areas, parking, etc. For example, the FSI calculation does not include stilt or basement parking. However, in certain regions, covered parking can be a part of the FSI calculation.

What is Premium FSI in Real Estate?

In case there is a road adjoining the plot for construction, the developers/builders can ‘buy’ an additional FSI from the government by paying fixed, predetermined charges. This additional FSI is called Premium FSI. The percentage of premium or additional FSI permissible ranges from 20% to 40%, depending on the width of the adjoining road.

What is importance of FSI in Real Estate?

The government determines the FSI in construction to ensure the planned development of metro cities, to control the level and quality of construction and ensure a sustainable, spacious and well-ventilated construction.

What is FSI full form in real estate?

FSI stands for Floor Space Index.