Vastu Compliant: Main Entrance

Start creating vastu compliant homes by focusing on the main entrance. According to Vastu Shashtra, it is best if the main door faces North, East, North-East, or West, and it is recommended to avoid other directions. To enhance Vastu compatibility, use a strong material like wood or metal for the main door.

The main door should be larger than the other doors in the Vastu-compliant house, measuring at least 3 ft in width and 7 ft in height. The door should graciously exude a grand appearance while maintaining design symmetry.

Placing a simple nameplate at the entrance of the Vastu-compliant flat is also promising. As the entrance is the gateway for energy to enter the home, ensure that it is always clean to avoid disrupting the positive energy flow according to Vastu principles.

Vastu Compliant: Living Room

The living room is often deemed the heart of the home, and its Vaastu compliance is of great importance. Depending on the orientation of the living room, Vastu is known to provide specific suggestions for paint colours to ensure optimal energy flow.

According to the Vastu-compliant house plan, the living room faces east, governed by the sun, it is instructed to choose white paint, while a living room in the west, which is ruled by Saturn, is recommended to be painted with blue paint. Conventionally, light shades of yellow and green are regarded as ideal for the living room, with warning against using red and black paints.

In terms of furniture arrangement in the living room, Vastu-compliant homes should place furniture in the west or south-west direction, emphasising square or rectangular shapes for the furniture pieces. Decorate the room with natural elements to enhance balance and positivity.

Vastu Compliant: Kitchen

The kitchen is a vital space where the elements of fire and water play a significant role. The Vastu-compliant construction and maintenance of kitchens helps block negative energies while attracting positivity, health, and overall well-being by achieving a harmonious balance among the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and sky.

According to Vastu guidelines, it is recommended to build the kitchen in the south-east corner, the domain of the lord of fire (Agni). Alternatively, the north-west direction is considered acceptable for a Vastu-compliant home kitchen.

Vastu tips for kitchen elements include placing wash basins, water pipes, and the kitchen drain in the north or northeast direction to balance water and fire elements.

Kitchen appliances representing the fire element, such as the gas stove, microwave oven, toaster, and food processor, are ideally placed in the southeast corner of a Vastu-compliant flat. The refrigerator and kitchen stock should be positioned in the southwest direction for optimal Vastu alignment.

Vastu Compliant: Bedroom

The bedroom is where we recharge our body after a whole day of work. Adhering to Vastu guidelines for bedroom construction is essential for ensuring a peaceful sleep environment. According to Vastu experts, it is recommended to construct bedrooms in the east, north, or southwest corners, avoiding the northeast and southeast directions to maintain optimal Vastu-compliant flat alignment.

Constructing a bedroom in the central ‘Brahmasthan’ area is considered a significant Vastu defect due to its energy significance. Vastu Shastra also advises rectangular or square-shaped beds, discouraging the use of round or oval beds for better alignment.

Vastu Compliant: Bathroom

Bathrooms play a role in maintaining overall Vastu balance. Ideally, the bathroom should be situated in the north or north-west part, while the south, south-east, and south-west directions should be avoided during construction. It is strongly advised not to share a wall between the bathroom, puja room, or kitchen in effective Vastu-compliant apartments.

Vastu Shastra offers insightful tips for designing bathrooms and toilets, emphasising practical considerations. Opting for white colours for bathroom paint is advised, and after each bath, thorough wiping to ensure quick drying is essential to prevent accidents. If the bathroom shares a wall with the bedroom, strategic bed placement away from the bathroom wall is suggested.


Vastu Shastra is one of the most reliable methods to conserve an abode’s peace and make it a Vastu-compliant house. Despite its ancient origins, its principles hold potential truths that remain relevant throughout centuries, and even today.

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