For people wishing to place a fish tank in their homes, it is important to follow various Vastu tips. Even if it is a small aquarium for home, knowing where to keep the aquarium in the house, according to Vastu, is important to get the benefits of having a fish tank for home.

Fish Aquarium At Home – Importance

A fish aquarium’s water represents life. Moving water in the fish aquarium symbolises positive energy and liveliness in one’s daily life. Meanwhile, fish movement in the aquarium has attracted happiness, health, and wealth. But one must understand the fish aquarium vastu and place it in the right place inside their home.

Vastu Shastra Fish Tank Position — Where to Keep the Fish Tank?

A fish tank or aquarium in a home can bring good fortune and prosperity. Here are the fish tank Vastu directions that one needs to follow to place a fish tank inside their home so that its energies align with the space.

Aquarium Vastu directions:

Placing a fish tank in the living room’s southwest corner can ensure all visitors to your home can see it.
The aquarium can be placed in the north-facing corner of any other room because this corner is associated with the water element. So, putting an aquarium there will bring wealth and prosperity into the home.
Placing the aquarium on the left side of the main door can rekindle emotions and love in a conjugal relationship.
For office areas, one can place an aquarium in the reception or in the east or north quadrant.

Benefits of Having a Fish Aquarium at Home

Financial benefits and wealth are known to be attractive to fish aquariums. In terms of career and money, aquariums can bring luck.
In addition to creating a calm atmosphere, aquariums reduce anxiety and stress since gazing at colourful aquarium fish provides a therapeutic experience.
According to Vastu, fish aquariums for home are essential for success and harmony.It is believed to attract happiness and health to the family.
A fish aquarium at home absorbs the negative energies surrounding the home and protects its inhabitants.

Fish Tank for Home — Implications

Fish Death in Aquarium:
A fish’s natural death in an aquarium is a metaphorical indication of problems ending in the homeowner’s life. According to fish aquarium Vastu, a dying fish takes away the problem with it.

Fish Birth in Aquarium:
According to aquarium vastu, fish birth in an aquarium has a positive meaning. Some fishes can give birth every month in an aquarium if the water is maintained and they are fed regularly. The ideal time to feed the fish is early morning or after sunset.

What are the Lucky Fish for Home Aquarium?

Goldfish are associated with Feng Shui and fishponds, and Matsya is believed to have had gold-plated fins. Other options include Arowana, Discus, Angelfish, Tetras, and Rasboras. But stay away from the Oscars, Sharks and Piranhas, as they are considered bad omens.

Vastu Fish for Home

Below are some of the vastu fish to keep in a home aquarium.

  • Paradise fish
  • Guppy
  • Siamese fighting fish

What is Vastu and Why is it Important?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian guide to architecture. These are instructions written based on scriptures and texts that describe the principles of design, space arrangements, spatial geometry, and ground preparation. Implementing vastu instructions in daily living can enhance the quality of life, and inspire happiness, health and prosperity.


Fish bowls and aquariums have their charm. But knowing the best place to put a fish tank in your house as per Vastu is important. Additionally, if the home is built according to Vastu, it brings twice as much good luck and abundance, which is why luxury homeowners place great emphasis on Vastu Shastra principles.

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