An Overview of Vastu Dosh

Vastu Dosh is a Vastu defect that occurs due to the wrong placement of vastu elements in a home. This can lead to negative energy and problems in the house. There are many ways to remove Vastu dosh from a home, but one of the most effective is using a Vastu dosh nivaran yantra. It’s a powerful tool that can help to negate the effects of Vastu dosh. It is placed in the home in a specific way to counter the negative energy.

There are many different Vastu dosh nivaran yantras, but they all serve the same purpose. They are all used to remove Vastu dosh from a home and create positive energy. Piramal Realty offers luxurious apartments that are Vastu-compliant. So, one can live a happy and prosperous life by living in such homes.

Tips to Remove Vastu Dosh

Some of the major tips are:

  1. Put Mirror in the Right Direction
    Mirrors bring positivity and prosperity to the home. However, it is important to place the mirror in the right direction. Mirrors should not be placed in front of the main door as they will reflect the energy coming into the house and cause negative vibes. The best placement for a mirror is in the northeast direction of the house.
  2. Create Positive Energy with Wind Chimes
    Wind chimes are said to be very auspicious, according to Vastu. They bring positive energy and good luck to the home. The sound of wind chimes is believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. Wind chimes should be hung in the east or northeast direction of the house to bring in good luck.
  3. Pyramids
    The most common and simple way to remove Vastu dosh from the house is by placing a pyramid in the affected area. It is said that the pyramid can nullify negative energy and create a positive environment. There are different sizes and types of pyramids available on the market. So, one can choose the one that’s best according to their needs. One can also DIY order to make their pyramid using cardboard or paper.
  4. Crystal Balls
    A crystal ball is the first and most important thing that’s needed for Vastu. One can purchase it online or at a local store that specializes in New Age or metaphysical supplies. Fill the crystal ball with water and place it in the center of the home. The water will act as a conductor for the room’s energy and help balance the energy in the house.
  5. Vastu Plants
    With the help of plants, the air is made cleaner and healthier to breathe. Additionally, plants offer positive energies that uplift the spirit and promote calm. According to Vastu, some plants are lucky because they repel negative energy and draw in good ones. When positioned correctly, healthy plants can help you attract abundance into your life. According to Vastu, indoor plants help to keep the energy of a home flowing and balanced. They may also have an impact on the resident’s health, wealth, and fortune.
  6. Temple Placement
    North-east is the optimal direction for a mandir at home. In such a situation, make an effort to face either the north or the east when praying. Always make sure that the puja room is not adjacent to the bathroom or beneath the staircase.
  7. Cleanliness
    Avoid keeping unnecessary furniture and items in the house. It restricts energy’s ability to move freely and amplifies negative energy. Keep your home neat and orderly. The placement of the furniture should provide a feeling of openness and space in the home. It enables the passage of good energy inside the home.

The Bottom Line

Vastu Dosh can lead to several problems in your life. Hence, removing it from your home is important. Vastu Dosh can be removed by following certain Vastu tips, which include using a Vastu mirror, keeping the house clean and clutter-free, and avoiding the use of electronics in the bedroom. Following these tips can help in living a happier and more prosperous life.

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