Declutter and Remove:

To answer, ‘how to remove bad energy from a room’, it is advised not to keep broken items like furniture or stopped clocks in the house as they are known to attract negative energy. Either fix or discard these items to eliminate negative energies. Another simple tip is to declutter the house as much as possible.

A cluttered space not only diminishes the aesthetics of the house but also generates irritability and overwhelming feelings, which are the root causes of negative energy. It is a sign of negative energy and can lead to stress among the people living in the house. Donate or give away unused items, and keep things neatly organised for a calmer and more open space. This simple practice can significantly remove negativity from home.

Sea Salt and Plants:

Salt is historically known for its purifying properties. One way to use it involves adding a spoonful of sea salt to a glass bowl and then placing that bowl strategically around the house. One can also use sea salt to mop water, except on Thursdays, as this day must be avoided at all costs. Dabbing the entrance with rock salt water is a great way to counteract negative energy.

Placing a Tulsi plant in the north or northeast is believed to be one of the most effective remedies to remove negative energy from home. Aloe vera resists bad luck and negative energy, while the lucky bamboo plant and jasmine are associated with good health and a prosperous love life. Plants like money plants, peace lilies, and spider plants bring positive feelings around the home.


To absorb and transmute negative energy, crystals have been in use for centuries. Healing crystals are known to enhance positive energy flow and impact the body, mind, and surroundings from harmful toxic energies. Placing crystals near windows, doors, corners, and entrances can act as an effective barrier against negative energy and remove negativity from home.

Among all the healing crystals available, crystals like selenite rose quartz, jade, and amethyst offer purifying effects. Black tourmaline is known to help answer, ‘how to get rid of negative energy in your home’. Homeowners can always be creative by incorporating healing crystals into their home decor or keeping loose stones in a bowl.

Natural Light and Fresh Air:

Open windows allow a free flow of energy and natural light. The simple practice of opening windows not only clears toxins but also dispels negative energy by eliminating negative symptoms like anger, stress, and more. Ensure to shake pillows, blankets, and rugs to facilitate the expulsion of harmful air further.

Another effective remedy to remove negative energy from home involves the burning of sage leaves, which is an aromatic plant historically used for food and medicine. Feng Sui principles and some of the Vastu tips to remove negative energy from home, state that sage is effective in diminishing negative energies from the environment.

Along with sage, one may also use camphor lamps or diffusers with sandalwood and lavender elements to neutralise bad frequencies around the house. Burning incense sticks is quite popular to channel positive energies and create a cheerful ambiance which is rooted in spiritual and meditative traditions.

Vastu Tips to Remove Bad Energy From Home:

According to Vastu Shashtra, the following are some of the small but effective practices to remove negativity from home:

  • Use chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, handheld bells, or mantra chants
  • Strategically place a water fountain in the north or near the entrance to create a calm atmosphere.
  • Regularly rearrange furniture to prevent energy stagnation
  • Place convex mirrors wisely to multiply positive energy, although avoid placing them opposite to each other.
  • Peacock feathers are considered auspicious and are effective in removing Vastu dosh (defects) from any household.
  • Burn sweetgrass, eucalyptus, sandalwood, or cedarwood for energy cleansing and positive vibes.


Constructing a harmonious and positive living space and to remove negative energy from home involves a combination of physical, spiritual, and energetic practices. But remember, the key lies in maintaining a balance, regularity and mindfulness in implementing these practices to make a house into a humble abode to live in.

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