Americans prefer the word ‘apartment’, while the British call it ‘flat’.

This blog will discuss the prime difference between a flat and an apartment, starting with a little introduction to flat and apartment meanings.

What Is a Flat?

A flat is referred to as a living space when it is part of a building, and the building is part of a cluster of buildings. It can be related to townships, gated communities, etc.

What Is an Apartment?

An apartment is also a living space which is a part of a building. However, the building is not part of a community or a cluster of buildings.

What is the Difference Between Apartment and Flat?

Linguistic UsageAmericans call the living space as ApartmentBritish people prefer using the word flat.
StyleApartments are considered posh living spaces with the best quality amenities.Flats are considered standard living spaces with basic amenities.
SizeComparatively bigger with spacious rooms having premium finishes.Comparatively smaller residential units
CostHighComparatively low
LayoutOffered in a variety of layoutsOffered in standard layouts
StructureMay have a multi-storey living space.Predominantly single-storey living space
Target customer groupHigh-income groupsMiddle-income groups

Benefits of Apartments and Flats

While flats and apartments have certain striking differences, a few benefits apply to both apartments and flats.

  • Low maintenance

    The maintenance costs are shared between the residents living in the apartments or flats. Therefore, the maintenance costs related to general upkeep, repairs, etc., are often lower than individual residential properties or villas.
  • Security

    Apartments and flats have enhanced security features, such as gated entrances, surveillance systems, etc., to ensure that residents feel safe and live in peace.
  • Amenities

    Apartments and flats are built around a huge space to include a host of amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centres, yoga and meditation tracks, clinics, etc., to provide varied services to the residents within the premises for a better standard of living.
  • Location

    A flat or apartment is constructed in a location that is well connected to the different parts of the city using transport infrastructures such as public bus transport, metro, etc.

Flat vs Apartment: What to Purchase?

Individuals planning to purchase a residential property confused between a flat or an apartment can consider the following factors to make a well-planned decision.

1. Budget

As apartments are posh living spaces, they have the best quality amenities and, therefore, cost comparatively more than a flat. Therefore, people looking for a budget-friendly living space with ordinary amenities can opt for a flat, and others seeking a luxury space can pitch in for an apartment.

2. Lifestyle preferences

Individuals preferring an independent or private living space with the best modern amenities can opt for an apartment. On the other hand, individuals who prefer a lively environment with better social interactions can choose a flat.

3. Purchase intent

Purchase intent is important to decide on a property. Individuals looking for a lifetime settlement should consider a flat or apartment that will suit their lifestyle in the long term and at the right location. And for a purchase intention such as resale, it should be based on the property value and the location primarily compared to the lifestyle preferences.


“Flat” and “apartment” are often used interchangeably in India, but they have differences in terms of structure, style, cost, etc. While flats are considered budget-friendly properties with standard living spaces, apartments are associated with posh and better living standards.

Flats and apartments both offer almost similar benefits, but the choice of purchase between the two is often based on lifestyle and financial considerations. Understanding flat and apartment differences and making a well-informed decision is crucial for happy and peaceful living!

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