Whether you're looking for an apartment with a 2 BHK in South Mumbai that maximizes space and amenities or a 3 BHK in South Mumbai with room to entertain, these luxury buildings have it all.

Top 3 Most Prestigious Residential Areas in Mumbai

Malabar Hill

  • Overview
    Malabar Hill is one of Mumbai’s most exclusive neighborhoods, known for its scenic promenade overlooking the Queen’s Necklace shoreline. It has been home to Mumbai's wealthy elite since the late 19th century. The area is named after the Malabar Gardens on Bombay Governor Gerald Aungier's estate in the 17th century.
  • Key Attractions
    Some key attractions include the iconic Walkeshwar Temple, surrounded by upscale residential towers. The Banganga Tank is a serene stepped tank hailed for its curative powers. Kamala Nehru Park and Hanging Gardens provide relaxing green spaces with stunning views.
  • Living Experience
    Malabar Hill offers a tranquil, luxurious, private living experience. The area has tree-lined streets, some of Mumbai’s oldest, large residential 2, 3, or 4 BHK in South Mumbai, and newer luxury high-rises. Several industrialists, politicians, cricketers and Bollywood stars reside here. Properties often have panoramic views across Back Bay. The neighborhood is in proximity to South Mumbai’s business districts.

Bandra West

  • Overview
    Bandra West is a cosmopolitan neighborhood in Mumbai's western suburbs known for its eclectic mix of Catholic heritage, quirky cafes, and new-age luxury residences. It blends old countryside charm with new contemporary attractions.
  • Key Attractions
    The Bandstand Promenade, stretching along the Arabian Sea, is a popular hangout spot and venue for the Mumbai Marathon. Other attractions include Mount Mary Church and Hill Road shopping street lined with bustling stalls and boutiques.
  • Living Experience
    Bandra West has an upmarket, festive vibe with trendy restaurants and high-end retail. Several banks, schools, and hospitals are located here. The real estate ranges from swanky high-rises to old cottages and bungalows. Given the roads and railway connectivity, access to the airport and other parts of Mumbai is efficient.


Piramal Mahalaxmi

  • Overview
    Piramal Mahalaxmi is a luxury residential project developed by Piramal Realty in the prime South Mumbai neighborhood of Mahalaxmi. The project features architectural landmarks with tall towers housing lavish 2, 3, 4 and 4.5 BHK residences. It overlooks scenic views of the Arabian Sea and the Mumbai cityscape.
  • Key Attractions:
    Piramal Mahalaxmi apartment offers premium amenities like infinity-edge pools, a climbing wall, a yoga studio, and more. It is within walking distance from landmarks like Mahalaxmi Temple, Racecourse, and High Street Phoenix Mall. The project is also near 5-star hotels, major hospitals, and the Diamond
  • Living Experience: Piramal Mahalaxmi is in an upscale neighborhood with tranquil residential pockets yet bustling commercial hubs nearby for dining, shopping, and entertainment. It offers a high-rise living experience with all modern facilities. The project is conveniently located near Mahalaxmi temple, providing easy access to this popular religious site in the neighborhood. Residents can enjoy ocean breezes and scenic sea views from the towers. The project also provides easy access to offices in central business districts.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Luxury Neighborhood


The location and accessibility of luxury flats in South Mumbai are usually the top considerations. Proximity to your workplace, business districts, children's schools and colleges allows easier commuting and better time management. Prime neighborhoods in Mumbai like Malabar Hill, Bandra West offer good connectivity to South Mumbai's commercial hubs and the suburbs via roads and rail. Public transport like trains, buses and cabs also serve the areas well. Worli is also considered a prime area, with numerous property in Worli developments offering amenities while still providing convenient access to south Mumbai.


Buyers can expect superior facilities and amenities from luxury homes to match their lifestyle. This includes the availability of recreational spaces like gardens, parks, clubs, and pool areas within the township. Access to healthcare centers, banks, retail stores, and fine dining restaurants adds convenience. Most premium projects also have onsite business centers, gyms, spas, and sporting facilities.


Security is a significant determinant of Mumbai's wealth when shortlisting neighborhoods. Gated communities with restricted access and 24/7 staffed security and surveillance systems provide peace of mind. Areas like Malabar Hill, with an exclusive elite community and culture, assure families of better safety standards than other parts. The reputation of an area's safety infrastructure must be studied before investing crores in Mumbai's luxury realty.

The Bottom Line

Malabar Hill and Bandra West are currently the most elite and sought-after neighborhoods in Mumbai. Offering fantastic sea views, access to natural beauty, luxury amenities and efficient connectivity - they provide a premium lifestyle unlike any other area.

However, the best neighborhood ultimately depends on personal preferences and requirements. Factors like budget, commute to workplaces, proximity to children's schools, and safety must align well.

Those wanting more peaceful, old-world charm flats in South Mumbai can consider Malabar Hill, while Bandra West appeals more to the hip and artsy crowd. The upcoming projects in South Mumbai aim to provide buyers with a more premium housing supply.

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