Who is Ideal for a North-Facing Home?

Vastu experts deem a north-facing home appropriate for businessmen and people working in the financial sector. The north direction is often associated with the planet Mercury. Therefore, north-facing main-door Vastu homes are also suitable for people in the printing and publishing sectors.

The north direction is also symbolic of the element of water. People working in the media and entertainment industries often become prosperous in a north-facing home. In a northeast-facing house, Vastu indicates that people can find tremendous success in life.

Colors in the North-Facing House

A north-facing house Vastu plan forbids individuals to paint their homes in maroon or red. The ideal colors of a Vastu-compliant house facing the north are beige, green, white, blue, and grey. The use of yellow and red on the exteriors of a north-facing home is strictly against Vastu.

The black color marble slabs in the kitchen should be in the southeast zone. Any north-facing room should have light green curtains. Blue curtains can relieve financial woes in north-facing rooms. In a house with a north-facing main door, Vastu recommends the use of neutral shades like cream, warm grey, and khaki.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Placing Different Things in a North-Facing Property

Individuals living in a home with its main door in the north direction should be mindful of the following:


Having trees on the north side of a north-facing home is strictly forbidden.

Holy Items

People often prefer to keep religious symbols like the Om or Swastika inside their homes. In a house facing the direction of Lord Kuber, holy items should never be kept scattered. In fact, keeping clutter and trash on the north or northeast side of such a property can create fertility issues and negatively impact financial conditions.


A north-facing house Vastu plan recommends constructing the bedroom in the northwest, southwest, south, or west directions. The southwest direction in a north-facing main door home is ideal for the master bedroom. Within a north-west facing house, Vastu suggests keeping the bedroom in the southwest direction. Bedrooms in the northwest direction are known to contribute to disgust and loneliness.

Study Room

A north-facing main door Vastu property should have a study room in the northeast, northwest, or east directions. All these corners are great for knowledge. The placement of a study room should never be in the southeast or southwest corner. The study table should be placed in such a way that students are facing the northeast, north, or east corners while reading.


The best direction for a kitchen is either the southeast or northwest. In a northwest kitchen, Vastu guarantees positive results for the residents of the home. The south side is also good for the placement of a kitchen inside a property. However, the northeast corner should always be avoided for a kitchen.

Bathroom and Septic Tank

The bathroom and septic tanks inside a home accumulate negative energy. They must be constructed in the right corner to ensure that the house doesn’t get filled with negativity. The southwest or northwest corners are the most appropriate for a bathroom. Having a septic tank in the northeast direction can bring ill luck.

Puja Room

The northeast is the best corner for a puja room. The east and west directions are also great for setting up pooja rooms inside a property. Most Indian temples are usually in the west direction. It ensures that the idols are facing the east direction.

Final Thoughts

People with the zodiac signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio should focus on getting north-facing properties. Following Vastu principles in a north-facing home can help individuals see the face of unending wealth and prosperity. Piramal Realty constructs Vastu-reliant properties to enable individuals to find success in life.

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