What is the legal process for Purchasing a flat?

Firstly, the buyer needs to confirm the existence of the property with a valid property title. The property must be free of any mortgagees or previous unpaid dues. You need to scrutinize all the documents for a minimum of the last twelve years. If you are going for any legal discrepancies, you must go up to thirty years.

What are the most important documents for phone shopping?

If you are considering buying a home, then you must prepare all the required documents as written below,

  • The Sale Deed
  • The mother’s deed
  • The sale and purchase agreement
  • The building approval plan
  • The possession certificate
  • The khata certificate
  • The allotment letter
What is the most important document at the closing?

Deeds are the most critical documents in your closing package. The deeds carry the final statement of the seller, in which they transfer all the rights and stakes in the property to the buyer.

What document can prove you own the land?

The land registry is a public register of property information. Every property ownership transfer is registered here. You can prove the property is yours by submitting the land registry documents.

How long after the deposit can you take the key to the place?

Generally, after completion, you can get a hold of your new property within two weeks. But you can get the key as soon as you deposit the money.