What are the documents to be checked before buying a flat?

Before purchasing a flat, several documents must be checked, including a sale deed, a completion certificate, a building plan, various approvals from the concerned authority, an encumbrance certificate, and revenue records.

What is the procedure for buying a flat in India?

One can buy a flat by following the below steps,

  • Prepare a budget
  • Choose the desired property
  • Apply for a home loan and design the roadmap for the payment
  • Receive the allotment letter.
  • Registration of Agreement for Sale/sale deed
  • Possession
What document confirms you own a property?

One can easily prove their ownership of a home with a title deed or grant deed that has their name on it.

How do you negotiate when buying a flat?

One can negotiate the amount while buying a flat by following the below-written steps.

  • Be clear from the beginning
  • Do not eager
  • Be realistic
  • Find out the reason behind the sale
  • Be open about asking for a favor
  • Be flexible
  • Close the deal.
How to inspect a flat before buying?

Follow the checklist while buying a flat:

  • Natural light and ventilation
  • Door and windows installation
  • Laying of tiles on the floor
  • There should be adequate space
  • The kitchen and bathroom should be checked for supplies.