Integrated Townships In Real Estate 

Integrated Townships In Real Estate

Buying a house is an important life decision, and finalising one’s dream home requires several considerations. Among these considerations, buyers need to determine whether they want to live in a standalone building or a gated community.

Both have their pros and cons, but certainly, the pros of one type of housing outweigh the other.

The amenities of a standalone building are very limited, whereas well-developed townships in real estate offer many advantages. They offer excellent infrastructure, extensive amenities and facilities, security, and well-planned spaces.

Almost all of its residents’ daily needs are met on campus, so it’s like living in a mini city. Many integrated townships also include commercial centres, schools, and hospitals.

Keep reading to learn more about what are townships and the best-integrated townships in India.

What is an Integrated Township?

  • In an integrated township, homes, businesses, educational facilities, recreation, and healthcare facilities are all integrated into a single community that is self-contained and sustainable.
  • An integrated township means providing all the necessary services and amenities in one location, reducing the need for travel, and enhancing the quality of life for residents.
  • Typically, they are built on the city outskirts to provide a serene and peaceful living environment, featuring modern infrastructure and green spaces.

Integrated Township in India — Success Factors

Listed below are the factors that make integrated township projects successful in India.

  •  An Integrated Urban Area

An exceptionally well-planned township maximises its use by converting every land or space into a multi-functional area. Lakes, for instance, can serve as retention ponds and add beauty to the landscape. A good quality home is nicely complemented by a landscaped environment, a well-planned layout, wide roads, and leisure and entertainment spaces.

  • Providing All Needs in One Place

Community recreational facilities, such as parks, sports fields, and multipurpose courts, promote good health and foster close community ties. Besides this, townships will also provide all the daily essentials, like shops, an ATM, and medical facilities. Having all the amenities of a township will make one’s life more comfortable and healthier.

  • Advanced Security Features

Multiple checkpoints are patrolled, smart access systems are in Place, and CCTV camera systems with central monitoring are taken care of to ensure the safety and security of the venue. In this way, one gets complete peace of mind.

  • Living a Green and Sustainable Lifestyle

Integrated townships are also becoming more environmentally friendly through sustainability initiatives, which will help minimise carbon footprints over time. A township has many common features, including comprehensive green spaces, sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, and e-bikes or cycles for internal transportation.

  • Live, Learn, Work and Play

Among the newer townships being constructed are industrial and commercial zones that provide employment opportunities within walking distance. Township projects are often built near software parks or industrial estates. This concept is a hit, particularly in Mumbai, where travel time to and fro work is drastically reduced. Many townships also include retail stores, multiplexes, and malls.

Tips to Find the Right Home in an Integrated Township

Consider a few things before buying a home in an integrated township.

  • Select a well-known Builder

Due to the size of township projects, it’s imperative to ensure the builder can finish and maintain the project. Make sure they have experience delivering large-scale projects. Make sure the project has all the necessary approvals or clearances.

  • City Connectivity

Townships are typically built on the outskirts due to their size, so inquire about the available transportation options. Ideally, it would be near a major highway.

  • Accessibility to Basic Facilities

Find out if the project has basic facilities like a grocery store, bank, and medical facility. You won’t have to leave the development to use these services.

  • Additional Doorstep Benefits

Several townships have schools, hospitals, and commercial spaces that are close to the township.

  • Municipal approval

From the beginning, ensure the local municipal authority has approved the project for municipal facilities like sewage disposal, water, and electricity.

  • Sustainable Development

Give it the green light if it has green features, such as lawns and gardens, sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting, solar energy use, and pollution reduction techniques.

Invest in the Best Township in Mumbai

An integrated township is a self-sufficient microcosm. It offers a place whereby every possible social interaction stage is within a few hundred metres of one another, and within a shared boundary. However, many homebuyers have other preferences and they do not look for integrated townships. Instead, they prefer a premium residential complex that has all facilities within its reach, and Piramal Realty caters to their needs.

Piramal Realty has developed some of the best residential projects in Mumbai. These projects offer luxury living embedded with best-in-class amenities. Most of these properties are situated in the poshest areas of Mumbai and have easy access to the best schools, colleges, and hospitals in the area.

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