Feng Shui Colours To Paint Your House

Best Feng Shui colours for the home

Colour psychology has a vital role to play in every individual’s life. The colours one is surrounded by can impact their energy, state of mind, and overall well-being. Feng Shui colours can change the vibe and environment of a house apart from making it look aesthetically more appealing. They can align one’s house with one’s needs and attract positivity, prosperity, and good luck.

How to Choose Feng Shui Colours for the Home?

The selection of Feng Shui colours depends on what one desires to have more of in life. For instance, purple is great for attracting good luck and money. Green is another colour that symbolises money and abundance.

Feng Shui advocates a mindful selection of colours for various elements in your home, including the paint, furniture, and decor. Every room has a specific significance, and to ensure that it fulfils its purpose to the fullest, one must do their best to add the right Feng Shui colours to the space.

Best Feng Shui colours for the home

• Feng Shui Bedroom Colours

The bedroom is a relaxing space where one can rest and rejuvenate. Feng Shui suggests using soothing tones like pink, peach, earthy yellow, and white in the bedroom. The right Feng Shui bedding colours can add intimacy and compassion to a marriage.

An ideal bedroom setup can have cream walls with mauve cushions and bedding and soft pink curtains. Pink helps to attract love, care, and compatibility in a relationship.

The Feng Shui colours to avoid for the bedroom include bright or dark shades. These colours may be too strong for an area dedicated to love and relaxation and may arouse negativity.

• Feng Shui Bathroom Colours

Feng Shui focuses on five elements – water, fire, metal, wood, and earth. The water element is dominant in the bathroom. Thus, avoiding colours representing water, such as blue or black, is advised. Instead, one can opt for white as it represents purity and cleanliness.

Incorporating an element of wood into the bathroom can also balance out the energy of water with earth. These elements inspire the 5 element colours in Feng Shui.

• Feng Shui Kitchen Colours

The fire energy dominates the kitchen. Thus, lighter shades can be ideal for this room. White is one of the best fits for a kitchen as it makes all the other colours pop. It also signifies purity and cleanliness. Colours representing the metal element, such as metallic greys and whites, are also a great choice for the kitchen.

Additionally, colours like greens and browns that represent the earth can help one welcome positive chi and attract nourishment.

• Feng Shui Colours for the Living Room

The living room is a common space for interaction with other family members. It is a social area for reconnecting with guests. Thus, the recommended Feng Shui colours for the living room are colours that represent earth, metal, or wood. These include shades of greens, browns, and white.

The colours in a living room should reflect in the walls, furniture, lighting, decor, etc. For instance, one can add brown furniture and indoor plants to a white living room to do the trick. A green accent wall or a fauna painting is another option to attract growth and positivity.

However, one must avoid using red excessively in the living room as it can lead to heated arguments and fights with family and friends.

• Feng Shui Colours for the Kids’ Room

When it comes to the kid’s cosy chamber, Feng Shui room colours that give out a soothing feeling can be a great choice. One can paint their child’s room in muted tones of blue to create a calm and healing environment. Adding some dimension to the room with wooden furniture can also boost growth and knowledge in the area. According to Feng Shui colour suggestions, red and bright neon shades are a strict no for the kids’ room. These colours can disturb sleep and influence erratic behaviour.

To Sum it Up

Colour is an essentially vital aspect of Feng Shui. Many Feng Shui principles and Taoist cosmological schools of thought align with using the right colours and elements for balance and harmony at home. Colours impact how one feels, thinks, and reacts. It is also one of the easiest elements to change. Thus, one should focus on adding the right Feng Shui colours to their house to bring good luck and positivity. Check out Piramal Realty’s residential properties, if you’re searching for Vastu compliant apartments. Since these ultra-luxurious homes are located in prime locations, you can select an apartment in Mumbai that meets your specific needs.

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