What is Interior Design? Why is Interior Design Important?

What is Interior Design? Why is Interior Design Important?

Interior design adds charm, beauty, and personality to a mundane space. As you go about your life, you may not notice the specific shapes, designs, and functionality of restaurants, homes, or hotels around you. However, every once in a while, you will come across a beautiful café or be enamoured by a friend’s house when invited for dinner. This is nothing but the beauty of interior design. The importance of interior design cannot be ignored in our lives. Keep reading to know more about it.

What is interior design?

Interior design refers to the process of enhancing a space’s functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. Interior design can be seen as an art as well as the science of improving a space and making it more livable. Interior designers not only work to make a space beautiful but also safe and purposeful. They use a combination of textiles, colours, light, etc., to beautify a place according to the senses and likings of the owners.

Why is interior design important?

On the surface, interior design may seem like an unimportant expense. However, it can add a lot of value to your life. Here are some reasons why interior design plays a critical role in society and community:

  • It is an extension of your personality:

    The interior design of your home or office is a reflection of your personality. It can depict your mood, interests, nature, and lifestyle. It can bring joy and peace to all the residents and make their stay pleasant. Sitting in a room with walls of your favourite colour or chairs of your liking is more than just a pleasant sight to the eyes. It also offers your comfort and uplifts your moods, enabling you to unlock your true potential in every way.

  • It increases the property’s resale value:

    Interior design can improve a property’s resale value by a great margin. A modern house interior can be attractive for buyers as it removes the burden of redecorating the house from their shoulders. They can shift to a ready-to-move in-house and save crucial time and money. Interior decoration is also vital for renting. Renters are looking for hassle-free homes that are beautiful and require no effort from their end. A nicely decorated house adds splendour, comfort, as well as safety to the home, leaving little for the renter to do to improve the place.

  • It can make a space safer:

    Home interior is much more than mere aesthetics. It also includes ensuring safety by using the right furniture, equipment, and decorative items that add value to the place and simultaneously offer residents safety. Even smart homes equipped with energy efficient and security devices form an important part of modern house interior design! Whether it is camouflaging electrical wires behind a wooden panel or babyproofing the sharp edges of furniture, the interior design provides dual benefits of security and exquisiteness.

  • It promotes sustainable living:

    A modern house interior in today’s times is way more diversified than ever before. With the planet on the brink of a climate crisis, making sustainable choices is the need of the hour. Many people do not realise that their daily habits, including the materials, utensils, or equipment they use, can have an everlasting effect on the planet. Many interior designers these days focus on making homes that are durable and sustainable in the long run, ensuring minimal wastage and emphasising maximum usability.

To sum it up

The importance of interior designcan make for a long list, given its many benefits. It is no longer a fad for the rich but a necessity that can bring value to anybody’s and everybody’s home. If you possess a residential or commercial property, you can consider hiring an interior designer to make it suitable for your unique needs. You can also consider purchasing well-decorated homes, such as from Piramal Realty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do you require a big budget for interior decoration?

    The budget for an office or home interior can differ according to the property’s size and type, the owner’s preferences, the scope of design, etc. You can pick a flexible budget as per your requirements.

  • How to choose the best interior designer?

    You can talk to different interior designers, check their offerings and see if they understand your ideas, know more about their fees, etc., and then pick a professional whose offerings are aligned with your interests.

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