Mumbai Metro: All You Need to Know About It

Mumbai Metro (2023): All You Need to Know About It

The fast-paced Mumbai is undergoing extensive infrastructural development projects. These rapid changes are giving the city of dreams a major makeover and improving connectivity issues. Mumbai metro rail is one such project which is highly ambitious and crucial in shaping Mumbai as a city of the future.

In 2006 the foundation was laid to construct multiple Mumbai metro lines by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). However, the project saw multiple delays over operational and policy matters. As a result, there are only three operational Mumbai metro routes, but they have been very impactful in a regular Mumbaikar’s life.

About Mumbai Metro

Rapid transit or rapid mass transit (MRT) systems, commonly referred to as trains, metros, subways, or tubes, are types of high-capacity public transport primarily found in the urban areas of developed or developing countries.

The population density in Mumbai is very high and ever-increasing, so the need for a supportive and supplementary transport system to the existing suburban railway system became imperative. Thus, the Mumbai metro line was developed to reduce traffic congestion and provide additional support to the overcrowded railway network.

The Mumbai metro project was planned to be constructed over 15 years in three phases. Phase one of the project is expected to be completed by October 2026. However, there has been a delay in the overall timeline due to policy and operational issues.

As planned on completion of the entire project, it will span 356.972 km with 14 high-capacity metro railway lines, including 1 metro-lite line. The metro line will mostly be elevated, with just 24% underground. With 286 Mumbai metro stations, only a minor section of the project will be at grade.

As of January 2023, this mega project had an operational length of 46.4 km, making it the sixth-longest metro network in India.

Mumbai Metro Route

Below are the details of the different Mumbai metro lines and their routes.

Metro Line Corridor Name Colour Number of Stations Kms Status
Mumbai Metro Line 1 Versova – Andheri – Ghatkopar Blue 12 11.4 Operational
Mumbai Metro Line 2A Dahisar(E) – Andheri West Yellow 17 18.6 Operational
Mumbai Metro Line 2B Andheri West – Mandala Yellow 22 23.6 Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 3 Colaba – Bandra – SEEPZ Aqua 27 33.5 Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 4 Wadala – Mulund – Thane – Kasarvadavali Green 32 32.32 Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 4A Kasarwadavali – Gaimukh Green 2 2.88 Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 5 Thane – Bhiwandi – Kalyan Orange 17 24.9 Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 6 Swami Samarth Nagar – KanjurMarg – Vikhroli Pink 13 14.7 Under Construction
Mumbai Metro Line 7 Dahisar (East) – Gundavali Red 13 16.5 Operational
Mumbai Metro Line 7A Andheri (E) – CSI Airport Red 2 3.17 Under Construction
Line 8 CSIA – NMIA Gold 7 35 Proposed
Mumbai Metro Line 9 Dahisar (E) – Mira Bhayander Red 8 11.38 Under Construction
Line 10 Gaimukh – Shivaji Chowk (Mira Road) Green 9 9.2 Approved
Line 11 Wadala – Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Green 11 12.7 Approved
Line 12 Kalyan – Dombivali – Taloja Orange 17 20.7 Approved
Line 13 Shivaji Chowk (Mira Bhayander) – Virar Purple 20 23 Approved
Line 14 Kanjurmarg – Badlapur Magenta 40 45 Approved

Mumbai Metro Ticket Prices

Ticket process on the Versova – Andheri – Ghatkopar route depends on the distance and the type of journey. For example, the minimum fare for a single (one-way) journey is ₹10, and the maximum is ₹40. Similarly, for a return (two-way) journey, the minimum fare is ₹20, and the maximum is ₹75. The Mumbai Metro One Private Limited operates this line, in which RInfra holds 74% of the equity share. One can book a Mumbai metro ticket online or by using a Smart Card, Paper Ticket or Mobile Ticket or through traditional methods.

Mumbai Metro Timings

The Mumbai metro trains ease commuters with enhanced connectivity and good frequency of the trains. For the recently announced lines 2A and 7, one can check the Mumbai metro timetable from the Maha Mumbai Metro website. For metro line 1, one can check the train schedule on the Mumbai Metro One website.

Mumbai Metro in News

The Mumbai metro project has always been in the news due to various reasons ranging from connecting the main city of Mumbai to parts and corners of the larger Mumbai Metropolitan Region, land delays in construction, land acquisition matters and legal battles over the metro car shed to name a few. Amongst all the Mumbai metro updates, the metro lines in operation have already proved to be a major support system to the city’s lifeline- the railways.


The Mumbai metro aims to provide its commuters with world-class accessibility, connectivity and technology-oriented services like a smartphone app that will assist the commuter with online ticket purchases via UPI and other features.

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