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These enduring values have guided Piramal Realty since the beginning. We believe these values can also guide all of us in facing the difficult challenge of responding to the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Under these dire circumstances, we understand the impact this unprecedented event has taken on the lives of people. We want you to know that we are all standing in unison under the banner of social solidarity. We believe that together, as a nation, we can combat this crisis and stop its spread.

We can follow these simple steps & practice the safety guidelines put out by the Ministry of Health to unite against the virus and safeguard ourselves.

Stay Home.

Please stay at home and practice social distancing. This will help keep you and others safe.

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Wash & dry hands.

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds regularly. This practice prevents the spread of the virus.

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Practice general etiquette.

Practice general etiquette in public by covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing and maintain social distancing.

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Be Kind.

Make a difference by checking-in on others, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Look after anyone who needs help.

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