Kitchen Vastu – Direction, Color, & More | Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen Vastu - Direction, Color, & More | Vastu Tips for Kitchen

The kitchen is the most crucial location in a house that demands a mix of functionality and convenience. Not to forget, this is the place where meals for the entire family get cooked, which surely has a direct impact on everyone’s health. Quite naturally, the location of the kitchen should always be Vastu-approved.

If an individual is looking to enhance positivity in their cookhouse, making it Vastu-compliant would be the first thing to do. Several kitchen Vastu tips must be strictly followed:

  • Direction Of the Kitchen

    When it comes to the Vastu of the kitchen space, the entrance plays a very significant role. The appropriate kitchen direction as per Vastu should be either the East, North, or West.

  • Location Of the Kitchen

    The best placement of the kitchen is said to be in the southeast or northwest direction. These are the best locations to construct a Vastu-certified dream kitchen. In the early days, when our ancestors used to cook meals on the wood stove, the Southeast or Northwest corners were most preferred. This was done to make sure that the hot winds from the fire flames did not cause any damage to their property. The southeast direction for setting up the kitchen as per Vastu is also quite preferential as this direction contains the positivity of “fire”. To enhance the positive aura of the kitchen space, it is usually advised to avoid setting it up in the northeast location. It is ideal for living room placement, but according to Vastu, it is a bad choice for the kitchen space.

  • Kitchen Color Scheme

    Vastu Shastra says that there is a proper significance and purpose for each color. Therefore, while deciding the kitchen color as per Vastu, homeowners must choose very wisely and carefully as this will greatly impact the kitchen space. The white color in the kitchen space will naturally soak up the sun’s rays and reflect white light all over the area. This will increase the brightness of the kitchen and create a positive vibe. White is closely linked with purity. Hence, white is suggested as a suitable choice for kitchen spaces as it is a great color to begin one’s day. Warm color tones such as shades of yellow, orange, and red help stimulate the appetite. This color also helps in creating an ideal cozy environment for the kitchen space. Light pastel shades of pink, blue, and green for the kitchen area soothes the mind. These colors help in changing the views that an individual must have towards a particular food. For a household with fussy eaters or kids, this is the best choice of color for the kitchen space. The science associated with Vastu-Shastra is formed based on various legendary age-old concepts and their practical applicability. One can implement all these factors in their modern homes and kitchen spaces by just being aware of a few of the basic factors.

  • Puja Space in Kitchen

    Most homeowners don’t prefer to have a pooja room inside the kitchen. There’s always a dilemma in this regard, as that’s not the general practice in Indian households.

To Conclude

Following proper Vastu, directions is a very important aspect for most Indian families. When the kitchen space is set according to the directions of Vastu, it helps in promoting the positivity of the living space. When all the tips linked to Vastu shastra for the kitchen are followed to the “t”, it promotes the overall well-being of the residents.

The Vastu of a space is determined by keeping in mind five significant and powerful elements such as earth, fire, light, wind, and space. The Vastu of each space and the elements that necessarily play a part are different. There are different sets of rules that each homeowner will require to follow for their kitchen space. Follow the article to know how one can transform the kitchen space in compliance with Vastu. If an individual is in search of a property, Piramal Realty offers a wide range of properties that are Vastu compliant, ensuring the well-being of the family members.

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