Top 9 Amenities You Must Have In Apartments

Top 9 Amenities You Must Have In Apartments

Indian cities in Tier I and Tier II are primarily dominated by apartment living. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore metropolises were the forerunners of the concept, and most other tier-I cities have experienced a flurry of activity based on this concept since the late 1980s. As time passed, more and more people migrated into thriving metropolises in search of employment or retirement homes.

Apartments were built over the famous metropolises, filling every inch of space. With land prices rising daily, city residents were expected to benefit from amenities in buildings that would give them better breathing space and comfort.

Here are ten must-have facilities and amenities in an apartment.

Nine Must-Have Common Flat Amenities

Listed below are the essential and must-have amenities in residential buildings. Listed below are some standard house amenities in any flats.

Power Backup

The power situation in most metros leaves a lot to be desired. If one lives on a higher floor, power interruptions can be a significant headache in their day-to-day routine. A power outage will make it extremely difficult for older people to negotiate the stairs. Consider this aspect when choosing an apartment and ensure that the lifts and lighting in the apartment and common areas have a power backup.


Another important consideration when choosing an apartment is covered parking. Consider whether additional parking facilities are available in the area, and if so, how much they cost if one has more than one vehicle. A car parked in an unprotected area can pose a significant danger and distract one from their apartment’s peace of mind.

Drinking Water

It is one of the essential kitchen amenities. Occasionally, apartment complexes don’t provide piped water to every apartment. Water supply arrangements are in progress when builders initially supply bottled water. However, the problem arises once buyers begin living in their apartments since many builders are adept at pulling the vanishing act.


The concept of apartment living differs from that of independent houses. The main entrance is permanently closed in an apartment, and all other apartments are on the floor. The people’s property could be at risk if no security personnel monitor people entering and leaving the apartment complex 24/7.

Kids Play Area

Children cannot remain enclosed in a small space for long periods. Their comprehensive development requires free movement and participation in physical activity. Considering this aspect when examining an apartment is essential unless it is exclusively for senior citizens.

Power Transformer

A separate power transformer should be installed in any apartment complex to prevent the heavy load from going to a street corner transformer. The electricity board usually requires a power connection to the apartment complex in most cities. But it is always recommended to enquire about it.

Fitness Space

The annoying traffic conditions, which worsen daily, add to the stress at work. Therefore, people residing in an apartment often look for an in-house fitness area. If a homebuyer is seeking a luxury apartment in a gated township, this amenity is generally included.

Private Terrace

A terrace is more than just an open space. Many people like to unwind with a cup of coffee or tea after a long day, and a terrace can be an amazing spot for that. It is also ideal for holding small gatherings occasionally.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

There is always a great demand for apartments with swimming pools, and it is one of the top amenities in luxury housing. Rooftop swimming pools are a great way to relax on a weekend or after a hectic day. With a rooftop swimming pool, there should ideally be dedicated staff for cleaning and maintaining the amenity.

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