Open Space And Its Growing Importance

Open Space And Its Growing Importance

Increasing urbanisation challenges the quality of life in cramped city areas and suburbs, driving up demand for residential apartments in well-developed townships—most upcoming residential developments in today’s real estate market feature open green spaces and landscaping.

It is important to note that while Western lifestyles may have inspired some of these, they have become synonymous with a successful project today. A recreational area is increasingly being sought by buyers in projects with open spaces.

Read on to learn more about the growing importance of open spaces.

What is an Open Space?

  • Families aspire to enjoy nature in its purest form in open spaces and outdoor recreation opportunities.
  • Generally, open space refers to undeveloped land or water set aside for environmental and recreational purposes in densely populated areas.
  • Open space areas, however, are generally considered parks. Trees, shrubs, and grass cover green areas.
  • Another open space type is water, including ponds, rivers, and lakes.
  • Green spaces are the most common type of open space in real estate.
  • A certain amount of development can be seen in parks. Nonetheless, they are only included to enhance the enjoyment of a park, and the amenities may consist of benches, playground zones, lanes, recreational areas, etc.
  • Another green space considered open in the real estate market is a community garden because of the aesthetic benefit they provide.

Growing Importance of Open Spaces

The modern home buyer expects more amenities and features than ever before. Since work stress levels are rising and more time is spent travelling, the home should be an oasis of calm and comfort.

A project’s open spaces allow residents to participate in sports activities, stroll, or spend time with family. As a result, these spaces provide recreational opportunities. Many open spaces include parks, landscaped gardens, walking/cycling tracks, children’s play areas, badminton courts, and tennis courts.

Open Space Requirements for Residential Buildings

Land buyers should know about the rules and guidelines set for OSR. An open space reservation must have a minimum width of 10 metres and an area of 100 square metres in size. Gardening or greenery should be left in the space rather than construction.

According to current regulations, a minimum of 10% of the land area should be set aside for open space. The owner should transfer any proposed roads to the local body through a gift deed without charge. In computing OSR, these areas aren’t included.

Benefits of Having Open Spaces in Buildings

Here are a few reasons why open spaces are advantageous —

A Great Way to Relax

Having urban open spaces with trees, plants, and greenery around one’s home improves the air quality and makes the surroundings more beautiful. As a refreshing contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, they create a soothing and relaxing environment.

Growth Potential

One can provide their children with a safe place to play outdoors, such as riding bicycles or having fun with friends in the children’s play area if they have an open space surrounding their home.

Stress Relief

Stress has adversely affected people’s mental and physical health. One’s mood and productivity will be severely affected if they stay within four walls constantly. The open-air helps them relax and refresh their mind.

Encourages Active Lifestyles

The overall health of one’s body depends on a healthy lifestyle. Health problems are more likely to develop in inactive people. A home with an open area allows one to participate in fitness activities. Open spaces are great for walking, jogging, cycling, and many other activities.

Provides a Recreational Space

For families with elderly parents or pets, open spaces are ideal. Getting fresh air and walking is essential for older people. It keeps them healthy and happy by rejuvenating their mind and body.

Allows Socialising

One can learn, grow, and socialise more effectively in an open space because they can interact with like-minded people. The desire for open spaces around their house to engage in recreational activities is universal, regardless of whether one has a 2 or 3-BHK flat.

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