House Financing Solutions in Mumbai – What Is the Best Choice for You?

House Financing Solutions in Mumbai – What Is the Best Choice for You?

There is nothing more ideal than being able to buy a home of one’s choice in Mumbai while staying well within one’s budget. Various parts of the city have different types of homes that may appeal to one’s interests as well as budget.

However, in a metropolitan city, financing planning for buying a house may be insufficient if people are only thinking about savings and investments. This is the time to consider other types of housing finance.

Five Types of Housing Finance Options in Mumbai

  • Home Loans

    This is one of the most well-known and traditional house financing options available in Mumbai if one can make a down payment for their new home. With so many housing finance firms to choose from, anyone can find a lender with a suitable interest rate.

  • Liquid Mutual Funds

    Many people may want to plan the purchase of their home within a period. Investing in an open-ended liquid mutual fund can help them arrange their finances over a shorter investment tenure.This can be a suitable house financing option that gives an investment return in a matter of months, weeks, or even days, as these debt funds invest in short-term markets. While there are certain risks in this investment, as with any other, the returns are high and can assist with house financing in Mumbai.

  • Loan Against Securities

    This option has not gained much popularity for house financing. However, if someone is considering it, taking a loan against one’s securities and investments, such as Demat shares, RBI Relief Bonds, mutual funds, and even life insurance, is possible. If a person is unable to arrange for a down payment for their new home, a loan of up to 80% of the value of their investment can be taken out against these securities. The interest rate can be flexible and will be determined by the lender with whom one’s life insurance company or investment company has partnered to provide the buyer with this loan facility.

  • Rent-To-Own

    Many parts of India, especially Mumbai, have a house financing option called rent-to-own. The rent-to-own scheme is a Central Government initiative under the National Urban Rental Housing Policy (NURHP) that allows tenants to pay for and purchase the home they are living in for 1-3 years. During this time, the rent paid to the homeowner, as well as the remaining amount for completing the purchase, can be arranged by the tenant. The rent-to-own scheme can be carried out through a standard lease agreement or a lease purchase contract.

  • Seller Financing

    Seller financing may still lag behind other types of housing finance in Mumbai; however, it is an option open to potential home buyers looking for new home financing options. Here, a buyer can purchase a home with a low potential for sale in the real estate market. If a home buyer decides to go through with this option, they can get in touch with the seller, who will become their lender, and the mortgage will be directly paid to them. No third-party financial institution or bank will be the lender here.

Three Advantages of Housing Finance

Here are the three main benefits of availing of housing finance:

Easier Way to Purchase

Instead of relying solely on savings and emergency funds to purchase a home, housing finance options allow a buyer to choose one that enables them to purchase a home within their financial capacity.

Real Estate Capital Growth

Regardless of whether the buyer’s repayment amount in terms of interest payments appears to be substantial, real estate capital appreciation is never stagnant and always provides a return on investment.

Encourages Savings and Investments

When considering various financing options, one needs to maintain steady savings and investments so that the EMIs and payments towards the purchase of the home are on track, which encourages a regular saving habit.

Ending Note

Since the real estate market and people’s home-buying preferences are developing, it is only natural that the various house financing options should also be upgraded. This can ensure that many choices are open to homebuyers who may not find traditional home loans viable options for purchasing a new home.

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