Home Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers

Home Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers

Buying a home is no less than a dream and is accompanied by many emotions. There is a sense of excitement in first-time home buyers as there will be a place they can finally call their own. However, even for repeat buyers or investors, buying a home is a crucial decision.

Apart from that enthusiasm, there’s also a feeling of nervousness as one may have spent months, sometimes even years to find their perfect home. This roller coaster of feelings is all worth it and will end soon. However, one of the most crucial aspects of buying a home is still awaiting – a home or a property inspection. This is a necessary process that must be undertaken before signing that dotted line.

House Inspection: What is it?

A house inspection is a process of examining a newly purchased residential property for any issues or potential issues. The main aim of conducting a home inspection is to reveal any problem areas in the property before a decision is made. A professional inspector, known as a property or a real estate inspector, examines the property and submits a complete status report.

House inspection is a common phenomenon in the West but has gradually started finding its place in India’s developing real estate market. The need and the rising awareness regarding property’s safety and risk management have led to the introduction of several service providers in this domain in India.

Even if a professional inspector isn’t hired, it is still highly recommended that a homebuyer conducts a detailed inspection independently. Then, if there are any concerns with the shortlisted property, the buyer can communicate them with the seller or the builder to fix, re-negotiate or walk away from the deal. Thus, a home or a house inspection is one of the best ways to safeguard homebuyers.

Home Inspection Checklist

The inspection process can be arduous as the home inspection checklist can be extensive. In addition, it may vary depending on the type of property and the buyer’s choice of home inspections (if done by a professional). However, a few essential components must be noticed during a house inspection.

Below is the ultimate home inspection checklist that can help homebuyers have a comfortable transition to their dream home:

  • Documentations

    The first aspect is to verify the documentation. In India, it is mandatory on the part of the promoter to get the real estate project registered under Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. Ensure the builder has got RERA registration certificate along with all the necessary approvals. Getting the documents checked by a financial or legal professional is advisable.

  • Exterior and Interior

    As important as it is to check the house’s interior, the exterior also must be inspected well.

    • Walls: Inspect the walls for any cracks, curling, loose siding, rot, or deterioration.
    • Windows & doors: Verify that the windows and outside doors are easy to open, free of broken glass, painted shut, and rot, and that they have weatherstripping and “weep holes” fitted. Also, the external door must be secure and fitted well to prevent thefts and break-ins.
    • Flooring: Determine whether the flooring materials are in good shape.
    • Electronics: Evaluate the lights and switches if they are operating properly.
    • Exterior paints & stains: Verify that the exterior wall is free of flaking or blisters.

    Additionally, look for the density and distance of the apartment towers from each other, recreational facilities provided, landscape design, pet policy, etc., to ensure a comfortable stay in the future.

  • Leakages and plumbing

    • Look for any visible plumbing or leakage under the sink in the kitchen. For example, inspect if there is any leaky tap, peeling paint, or a clogged sink. Also, check thoroughly for exhaust fan vents and built-in appliances, if any.
    • Bathrooms are the second most common place to check for plumbing and leakage-related issues. Inspect for any leaks or corrosion in all the fixtures, including taps, shower, tub, wash basin, etc.
    • Inspect the walls of all the rooms to identify if there is any seepage.
  • Electric faults
    • Thoroughly inspect all the light fixtures, receptacles, and power switches. Ensure all the electrical connections are upgraded to the latest market standards.
    • Also, look if the builder provides for overcurrent protection devices.
    • Additionally, check if there is a proper earthing system to protect the electrical equipment from damage in case of faulty connection or power fluctuations.

  • Woodwork and flooring

    • If the home offers extensive wooden work, ensure no termite-related issues. It is always advisable to thoroughly check the doors, windows, cabinets, and cupboards for such issues.
    • Moreover, look for any ill-fitted tile or flooring issues in the desired home.
  • Conclusion

    With a proper house inspection, one’s dream house may be precise as expected. With the house inspection checklist’s different aspects, hire a professional inspector or do it independently.

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