Documents To Check Before Buying a Flat | Buyer’s Guide

Documents to Check Before Buying a Flat | Buyer's Guide

Buying a flat is a significant investment, and one must consider it carefully. The process involves documents and crucial factors. One requires many things to check before buying a flat. That involves legal documents and tangible and intangible factors. The five most crucial documents that need to be checked before buying a flat in India are listed below.

The document checklist and procedure before buying the flat are exhaustive and depend on the nature of the transaction, area, and place, but below are some key documents that one must check before purchasing a flat:

  • Sale Deed

    Sale deeds top this list of legal documents required for the purchase of a property. A buyer needs to verify this piece of the document before buying a new property. This is the core legal registered document, which acts as proof of the sale and transfer of the property. The seller signs off on these documents, and the buyer needs to take them from the seller.
  • Completion Certificate

    A Completion Certificate is an important document that establishes when the construction of a flat was completed. This is especially important for buyers looking to purchase flats in cities such as Mumbai, where obtaining documents like IOD (Intimation of Disapproval) and CC (Commencement Certificate) are necessary before the OC (Occupancy Certificate) is issued.
    The OC certifies that the property meets all local laws and regulations, making it safe to move into. While purchasing a flat, buyers should always make sure they get access to this document from the seller. Without it, they may be putting themselves at risk of legal or financial issues down the line.
  • Building plan

    The building plan and various other approvals are one of the most important documents to check before buying a flat. A building plan and approvals that reassures the property owner before finalizing. This signifies that the building follows all the required procedures and is safe for habitation. Building plans and various other required approvals also signify that the construction is legal.
  • Encumbrance Certificate

    A buyer needs to check if the property is in any due payment, including tax and mortgage. The encumbrance certificate is issued when the property is free of any dues. This certificate signifies that the property has no monetary or legal liabilities.
  • Mutation Certificate

    Last but not least, this is one of the most important certificates on the checklist before buying a flat. So, one needs to check this before buying a flat.

Ending Thought

There are many documents that involve the purchase process; however, one needs to make sure that one gets these documents verified before buying a flat. If someone is thinking of buying a flat, they should consider these documents very attentively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the documents to be checked before buying a flat?

    Before purchasing a flat, several documents must be checked, including a sale deed, a completion certificate, a building plan, various approvals from the concerned authority, an encumbrance certificate, and revenue records.
  • What is the procedure for buying a flat in India?

    One can buy a flat by following the below steps,
    • Prepare a budget
    • Choose the desired property
    • Apply for a home loan and design the roadmap for the payment
    • Receive the allotment letter.
    • Registration of Agreement for Sale/sale deed
    • Possession
  • What document confirms you own a property?

    One can easily prove their ownership of a home with a title deed or grant deed that has their name on it.
  • How do you negotiate when buying a flat?

    One can negotiate the amount while buying a flat by following the below-written steps.
    • Be clear from the beginning
    • Do not eager
    • Be realistic
    • Find out the reason behind the sale
    • Be open about asking for a favor
    • Be flexible
    • Close the deal.
  • How to inspect a flat before buying?

    Follow the checklist while buying a flat:
    • Natural light and ventilation
    • Door and windows installation
    • Laying of tiles on the floor
    • There should be adequate space
    • The kitchen and bathroom should be checked for supplies.

*Disclaimer: This article is based on the information publicly available for general use. We do not claim any responsibility regarding the genuineness of the same. The information provided herein does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, it is for general informational purposes only. The information provided herein is basic/minimal, and the document checklist and procedure before buying the flat are exhaustive and depend on the nature of the transaction, area, and place. We expressly disclaim/disown any liability, which may arise due to any decision taken by any person/s basis the article hereof. Readers should obtain separate advice with respect to any particular information provided herein.

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