A Quick Guide To Gated Community in India

What is a Gated Community? | Gated Community in India

Changing scenarios have reduced social interaction among city dwellers due to the pressure of increasing needs and a lack of time. As a result, there is a pressing need for residential spaces that guarantee quality lifestyles and rekindle community living’s traditional charm. Gated community houses have exploded in the Indian real estate market.

One may consider a gated community when buying a house due to its numerous benefits. Furthermore, it ensures a safe and secure environment for your family.

Read on to learn about what a gated community is, gated society meaning, and gated townships, along with their advantages and examples.

What is Meant by a Gated Community or a Gated Society?

Gated societies or communities are designed to provide a cohesive social life and high-quality residential experiences. Within a boundary, it consists of various independently owned residential properties. A community’s size determines the amenities it offers.

Generally, more prominent communities have all the facilities necessary for daily sustenance, including grocery stores, entertainment areas, play areas, commercial shops, parks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, spa centres, and community halls. However, depending on available space, small gated communities may also have gardens, swimming pools and shared spaces like small shops.

Advantages of Community Houses

Living in a gated community offers many advantages, and some are listed below.

  • Safety and Privacy

An advantage of living in a gated community in India is having an excellent sense of security, which can be a significant concern, especially for families with children. Some communities even install CCTV cameras to monitor everyone’s entry and exit. Often, if you take your eyes off your child for a second, you will find them wandering off if they are in their exploratory stage. A building along a main road can also be hazardous, but the risks are usually lower.

  • A More Peaceful Atmosphere

People tend to take care of their affairs in gated communities. Tight security enforces traffic speeding rules. Because of this, these neighbourhoods are more tranquil and peaceful. Even though there is less traffic in urban settings, residents feel more at ease.

  • Commitment to the Community

Gated communities tend to attract similar people daily due to their benefits. Homeowners associations in these communities are prevalent, and they organise events like picnics and charity drives for their residents. In addition, participating in and attending these activities allows you to interact with others in your community and form bonds with them.

  • Access to All Amenity

The developers also know how important it is to create a community beyond just being a place to live. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate amenities, so residents do not have to travel far for their daily errands. Also, it is necessary to ensure convenience for residents. Clubhouses have gazebos for relaxing as well as a community hall for celebrations. You can find a variety of establishments like mini-grocery stores, laundry facilities, eateries, and more in some commercial centres. Some even offer transportation to the city centre as a bonus.

  • An Eco-friendly Environment

Parks are available in almost all gated communities. Many trees and shrubs are in these open green spaces, ensuring you always breathe clean air. A person will be less likely to drive to parks and laundry shops if they are nearby enough to reach them on foot.

  • Home with the Best Value

If you plan on selling your home, a gated or high-rise gated community with a trusted builder may make it easier to find a buyer. It is common for gated communities to be located near areas that are also under development, increasing their perceived value so that you can sell for a profit.

Gated Communities Examples and Types

In India, gated communities are very popular because of the abovementioned advantages. Some of the types of gated societies are,

  • High-rise gated community
  • Luxury gated community
  • Gated community villas, etc.

Piramal Realty is one of India’s most trusted and best examples of gated communities, offering high-rise and luxury gated houses in the prestigious neighbourhoods of Mumbai.

Invest in a Luxury Gated Community in Mumbai

Residents of the gated community enjoy luxurious amenities in a safe environment. Make an intelligent investment in Piramal Realty, India’s best and most renowned gated community. In particular, for luxury apartments, the apartment one chooses will depend on the location, one’s unique needs, the amenities in the buildings, and their lifestyle. In Mumbai, Piramal Realty offers a host of posh residential townships. They provide a world-class range of amenities and facilities to the residents of the projects.

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