How Can Home Automation Revolutionize The Real Estate Sector

How Can Home Automation Revolutionize the Real Estate Sector?

Home automation systems are changing the very definition of homes. They have brought in enhanced security, comfort, and luxury that were once a fleeting imagination. With smart technology, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the advancement in the real estate sector has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. And with more and more renowned realtors, such as Piramal Realty, adopting smart home designs and automation, it is an interesting time to see how the envelope can be pushed further.

Keep reading to see how home automation systems are revolutionizing the real estate sector.

  • Low energy consumption

    Smart buildings these days use smart electric equipment that facilitates efficient energy consumption and more savings. Smart lights, fans, and air conditioners can detect vacant rooms and switch off automatically to save electricity.
    Moreover, smart tools interact with each other and collect data on user patterns and consumption. Not only does this lead to a greener planet, but it also contributes to better individual savings in terms of money.
    One more important automation feature is the Smart Dustbin. These dustbins sense your proximity and open, thereby eliminating the need to touch the bin. Also, some models can segregate the waste automatically into bio-degradable and non-degradable, helping you contribute to the environment.
  • Better security

    Home automation systems and AI tools like security cameras and motion sensors can offer enhanced security and protection to people. Security cameras and sensors can be managed with mobile phone apps. This keeps the residents vigilant at all times.
    Further, smart security systems are error-free and deliver an unmatched experience recording every minute activity in and around the house. The chances of break-ins or robberies are practically lowered to none with these technologically advanced tools. These can be installed both inside as well as outside the house and monitor all activities.
    In addition to this, smart security systems let you lock and unlock your home through your phone. So, there’s no need to worry about losing your keys. At select residences of Piramal Realty, you can avail of the SMART IOT LOCK feature through our DigiSelect Smart Home offering.
  • Better building management

    Home automation systems are also instrumental in building management, especially in the case of large residential complexes where human involvement can be challenging at times.
    Smart devices can identify broken lifts, leaking water faucets, fused bulbs, faulty heating systems, and more. This translates to better maintenance and timely repairs and prevents unexpected delays.
    Further, with proficient maintenance and upkeep, the life of the building is also prolonged. So, an investment in the real estate sector can become a financial asset and legacy for multiple future generations.
  • Unmatched luxury

    Smart TVS, robots, refrigerators, security systems, and more do not just serve the purpose of comfort. They also guarantee unrivalled luxury. Home automation systems simply your life and save time and effort. They deliver cost-effective luxurious solutions to the modern 21st-century individual by taking over humdrum everyday tasks.
    Right from coffee makers that can wake you up with a steaming cup of hot espresso along with your daily alarm to the motion-detecting air conditioner, there is nothing a modern, smart property cannot provide in today’s times.
  • Superior parking solutions

    One of the biggest concerns for a real estate project, whether residential or commercial, can be to cater to parking demands and provide adequate parking space nearby. In the current times where one family can own multiple cars, it can be hard to find a parking space and ensure security for the vehicles at the same time. Automated parking sensors offer an easy solution here.
    Pressure sensors and cameras can help residents find empty parking spots in a building. They can be used as mobile apps and help residents identify available parking spots in the parking lot. This can reduce accidents and help residents save time.

To sum it up

Home automation systems are no longer the future and are, in fact, the present. With celebrated realtors, such as Piramal Realty, making them a reality in their marvellous residential properties through DigiSelect Smart Homes, you can easily own a smart home and ‘live life king size’, enjoying the best of facilities!

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