Guide to Home Maintenance – House Repair & Maintenance Tips

Guide to Home Maintenance – House Repair & Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance probably sounds like a tedious task that needs to be ticked off the to-do list. But for many homeowners, maintaining their home is a matter of pride and a well-planned activity that they carry out with much dedication and involvement. And this is not surprising; having a well-kept home keeps a person physically and mentally healthy.

Moreover, house maintenance is about safety and security as much as it is about cleanliness and tidiness. So, let’s look at some home maintenance tips for keeping a house spotless, hygienic, and secure.

A Basic Home Maintenance Guide

There are various ways to maintain a home. If a resident does not have enough time to do some of the maintenance work themselves, they can always hire home maintenance services. This quick guide can help anyone, regardless of whether they choose to seek assistance or go it alone:

  • Check the Plumbing:

    Be it the kitchen, the washing area, the private bathroom, or the guest bathroom, the plumbing in all these areas needs to be in always working order. Apart from ensuring that there are no leaks and no clogged drains, one can also choose to have the pipes covered under counters or install them in a way that does not seem unsightly or disturb the home’s décor. Clean the pipes from outside occasionally. Internal cleaning can be better handled by professionals, who will clean the drainage system without causing any damage.

  • Look into the Electricals

    This may be a difficult and risky task for someone to manage by themselves, and it is advisable to get an electrician to do this job. But before the professional comes over, one can visually inspect all the switches, power sockets, wiring, and any loose electrical boards in their house. This can save the electrician some time as they will know what needs to be done. By keeping all the switches, switchboards, and electrical points secure at home, one can reduce the chances of any mishaps considerably. This should be a regular habit if there are small children at home who may not be able to identify faulty switches.

  • Deep Clean

    While dusting and sweeping a house daily, occasionally clean out all the nooks and corners by shifting furniture to remove the smallest specks of stubborn dirt. Remove the jars, pots, and pans from the cabinets, clean the dirt inside, and allow them to dry before replacing everything. The kitchen counter, the chimney, the sink, the wash basins, and the bathroom should also be deep cleaned and scrubbed out. While many people prefer doing this alone, one can undertake this activity themselves or call for professional home maintenance services.

  • Clean the AC Filter

    It is important to ensure that the air conditioner is always clean and that the filter is running properly. This is not just to be done for the sake of hygiene but also to improve energy efficiency, as dirty AC filters consume more power. Dirty AC filters can also cause a house to smell; once the stench seeps into bed covers and other absorbent materials, they can be problematic. Reusable filters can be cleaned with water and then put back in. But if needed, one may need to change the filter if it is way beyond repair. This will prolong the life of the air conditioner and provide better air quality inside the house.

How Often Should Home Maintenance be Done?

As discussed, maintaining a home is about keeping a house spotless, hygienic, and secure from any potential accidents. This means one should make it a habit to check the plumbing and electrical boards at least every 6 months to see if everything is working normally.

In case there are problems, immediately have the issues looked into. Some smaller house maintenance chores like cleaning the kitchen chimney or the AC filter can be done once a year or every 6 months, depending on their usage. The key is to keep an eye on the proper functioning and cleanliness of everything around the house.


Most residential societies in Mumbai levy maintenance charges to take care of building maintenance, such as the working of the elevators, the cleaning of the common corridors, the building’s cleaning services fees, repairing the main electrical board, and so on, so that the common utilities, can be taken care of.

If someone is looking for apartments in Mumbai with maintenance staff, they should consider Piramal Realty. Piramal Realty Apartments have maintenance staff to handle any issues that may arise. This team is available 24/7, so residents can always get the assistance they require. The best part is that the maintenance staff is included in the monthly rental fee, so there is no need to spend extra money.

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