5 Vastu Shastra Tips to Bring Health, Wealth, and Joy into Your New House

5 Vastu Tips For Home

When you buy a new home, you vet the location of the property, its amenities, the connectivity to other parts of the city, and so on. While these are some of the more practical considerations, a lot of homebuyers also attach some auspicious relevance to the purchase of a new home. Vastu Shashtra, also known as Science of Architecture, is the ancient Hindu system of architecture and design that deals with the position of construction and positive energies in and around house.

While Vaastu Shastra is an ancient and complex field of study, many realtors and homebuyers believe that a home should have the correct Vaastu indications as prescribed over generations. However, in today’s time, with the space crunch in big cities, it may not always be possible to fulfil these obligations. But there are many ways to counter these “doshas” or to enhance the positive energies in the home.

Below are 5 Vastu Shashtra tips to bring positive energy, prosperity, peace, and good luck to your humble abode.

  • Vastu Shastra for the Main Door and Entrance

    It is believed that the entrance to your home influences the flow of energy inside, which is why there are a few guidelines under Vastu Shastra for the main door that you should keep in mind. For starters, it’s ideal for the home to face the north, east, or northeast directions due to their exposure to the morning sun (North/North-East during the Uttarayan) as well as the perceived energy levels. Northwest is also considered auspicious for bringing wealth, but southwest doorways are not looked upon favourably.

    Now you know why north-facing houses are always in demand!

  • Vastu Shastra for Living Rooms

    The living room is a social space where every member of the house can gather and spend time together. It is also the first room both residents and guests see. Keeping it airy, breathable, and clean is the most basic rule of making it Vastu-compliant. Other things to keep in mind would be that any electronic appliances should be restricted to the southeast corner, whereas heavy furniture like sofa sets or dining tables should take up the southwest and west sections.

  • Vastu Shastra for Bedrooms

    Southwest is considered the ideal direction for bedrooms, while northeast and southeast are deemed to be magnets for health and relationship problems. When it comes to the furniture, the front of your bed should not face the door or a mirror, while wardrobes should be situated in the south, west, or southwest sections. When it comes to the sleeping posture, your head should face either the south or east directions to ensure a good night’s sleep and long life. Sleeping with your head towards the North direction is a strict no-no.

  • Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen

    Having a kitchen in the southeast direction is known to bring good health and positive energy because the Lord of Fire, Agni, prevails there. For that reason, the gas stove, induction, microwave, and other heating elements would do well in the southeast part of the kitchen.

  • Vastu Shastra for the Bathroom

    For a bathroom that complies with the codes of Vastu Shastra, it should be located in the northwest area of the house. Wooden doors over metal ones are better for positivity and bountiful health, while the sink and shower belong to the bathroom’s north, east, or northeast sections. It’s also said that the toilet should not be built against the same wall as your bedroom to prevent a negative flow of energy.


Everyone dreams of having their own home someday. When that day finally arrives, there are numerous factors to consider — whether it has all the features you want and need, how friendly the neighbourhood is, whether it falls within your budget, and so much more.

While you have some control over how your home looks once you get the keys, how the place feels is also a significant factor. Of course, not every property can live up to the codes of Vastu Shastra for home, but finding Vastu-compliant homes can be the first step to ensuring a healthy, wealthy, and joyful life.

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