West-Facing House Vastu Plan – Direction, Color & More

West-Facing House Vastu Plan - Direction, Color & More

Most people find the north and east directions to be ideal for a property. Individuals often look down upon a west-facing home. The direction of the setting sun is often ignored by people and even considered inauspicious by some. But by following the proper west-facing house Vastu plan discussed in this article, one has nothing to worry about.  

Vastu Benefits of a West-Facing Home

A west-facing property is ideal for getting the warmth and glow of the setting sun. West-facing house Vastu benefits include more prosperity and wealth for the people residing in it. Individuals staying in a home facing the west side also have no foes and are immensely popular at work and in social gatherings. 

Business owners, political leaders, and religious leaders are more likely to find success on a property facing the west. People involved in the teaching world can also benefit from staying in west-facing properties. Individuals residing in a west-facing home are likely to find jobs that give them satisfaction instead of a superior position or designation. The Kumbha Rashi people are the best for properties facing the west direction. Anyone with Tula or Mithuna Rashi can also find success in houses facing the west. 

Suitable Colors for a West-Facing Property

For west-facing houses, Vastu plans should consider using light yet bright hues for the walls. White, yellow, and silver are the most appropriate for homes facing the west corner. Neutral colors are also quite auspicious and do not create any Vastu dosh inside a west-facing home. 

Pooja Room Vastu

According to the pooja room Vastu for west-facing houses, the northeast corner is extremely auspicious. The west corner can also be used for setting up the home temple. But idols and photos of deities should be facing the east. 

Several ancient temples in India have the idol in the west zone so that they can face the east. The east is also considered good under pooja room Vastu for west-facing homes.  

Kitchen Placement

Creating the kitchen in the right place is extremely crucial for the well-being of the residents of a home. Incorrect kitchen placement can create health issues along with financial troubles. The southeast corner seems the most suitable for setting up the kitchen in a west-facing home.  The cooktop should be placed in such a way that the cook faces the east. The kitchen should never be placed directly above or under the bedroom, bathroom, or pooja room. The northwest zone is also suitable for kitchens as per Vastu principles. 

Bedroom Placement

In a west-facing 2BHK house Vastu plan, the master bedroom should be in the southwest corner. It is useful for increasing the understanding between partners sharing a room. In a multistoried home, the master bedroom should be on the highest floor to receive harmony, success, and blessings from ancestors. Guest bedrooms should be in the south or the northwest corner.

Children’s Room

A west-facing house Vastu plan should have the children’s room in the west, northwest, or south direction. The door in a kid’s bedroom should be facing north or east. Their wardrobes must be in the west or south direction.

Living Room

A living room facing the north, east, or northeast is ideal according to a west-facing 2BHK house Vastu plan. A living room in the northwest won’t be problematic either. All the heavy furniture in the living room should be facing the southwest or west corner. 

Things to Avoid in a West-Facing Home

  • A west-facing property with an extension in the southwest should be avoided as it often leads to calamities.
  • A kitchen in the northeast corner of a west-facing home should be avoided to prevent health issues and mental confusion.
  • Bore wells or underground tanks in the southwest direction are strictly prohibited.
  • Green walls in the west corner are a strict no. 

Bottom line

Residents living in a west-facing home can leave all their worries behind with proper Vastu tips. According to a west-facing house Vastu plan, large windows are appropriate for removing all the light and bringing in all the light from the west. Piramal Realty provides a range of residential properties that follows the essential principles of Vastu. Therefore, this will make sure that all the residents and their families experience a happy stay. 


Is West facing house good luck?

According to Vastu Shastra, all homes are equally lucky, hence there is no difference between homes that face west and those that face north or east. A west-facing home can be just as profitable as other homes if you follow particular Vastu Shastra guidelines.

What are the advantages of west facing house?

West facing house benefits include the following:

  • Receives more sunlight in the late afternoon.
  • A west-facing home is advantageous for those who work in business, politics, education, or the leadership of a religion.
  • A west-facing home plan may inspire more vitality in children.
  • These properties draw money and success.

What is South West direction good for?

The south-west direction represents steadiness, power, and prosperity. Vastu Shastra claims that placing significant rooms, such as the master bedroom or living room, in this direction can help the occupants experience success and positive energy.

Which Rashi is suitable for north west facing house?

According to Vastu Shastra, those born under the zodiac signs of Kumbh (Aquarius) and Tula (Libra) are lucky if their home faces northwest.

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