Places to Visit In And Around Byculla

8 Popular Places to Visit In Byculla

Byculla is one of the oldest and most vibrant neighbourhoods of Mumbai. Located in South Mumbai, Byculla has several significant suburbs in Mumbai immediately surrounding it, including Mumbai Central and Mahalaxmi on its west. Originally part of Mazgaon, which was one of the original seven islands constituting Mumbai, Byculla has witnessed the city’s drastic transformation over the years.

Celebrated as a hub of industry and culture alike, Byculla was once one of the centres of the city’s textile industry. Although most of these textile mills have either been closed or moved now, Byculla remains a significant part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and serves as a link between South Mumbai and the suburbs of the city.

The strategic location of Byculla has enhanced its value and reputation as both a commercial centre and a residential neighbourhood. Several residential projects are in development in the area, including Piramal Aranya, Piramal Realty’s luxury development offering splendid views of the Eastern Harbour and Rani Baug.

One of the main reasons why Byculla is representative of the multicultural identity of Mumbai is the presence of the markers of various religions in the region. Ranging from churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, derasar, Byculla has no dearth of religious landmarks.

Here Are The Places To Visit In Byculla

If you are in or around Byculla, you are not far from some of the most iconic places to visit in Mumbai. Here are the places to visit near Byculla and around it that you must pencil in on your itinerary.

  • Jijamata Udyan/ Rani Baug

    Originally named after Queen Victoria of England, Rani Baug is the oldest public garden in Mumbai. Rani Baug is spread across 60 acres and houses a zoo and botanical garden. Presently renowned as the Veermata Jijabai Bhonsale Udyan or the Jijamata Udyan, Rani Baug is a popular tourist attraction and one of the most famous places to visit in Byculla.
    Home to more than 800 species of plants and more than 300 animals and birds, this landmark of Mumbai is open to the public from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on all days except Wednesday. You can reach Rani Baug from the Byculla Railway Station, from several bus stations nearby, including the Robert Homes Chowk Bus Station and the Sant Savta Market Bus Station. Rani Baug is also accessible via taxi.
Location: Railway Station, 91A, Lalbaug Flyover, Byculla East, Byculla
Entry Fees: ₹50 for adults and ₹25 for children
  • Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum

    The Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is amongst the places to visit in Byculla. It was opened to the public in 1857 and was known as the Albert and Victoria Museum at the time. Recognised as the oldest museum in Mumbai, its establishment found its genesis while the preparations for the ‘Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations’ were underway in London in the year 1851.
    The Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai is home to several artefacts, maps, archaeological collections, paintings, and historical photographs of the city of Mumbai. If you are in or around Byculla, a visit to this museum is highly recommended. The museum is open to the public every day of the week barring Wednesday. You can reach the museum from the Byculla Railway Station and nearby bus stations.
Location: 91 A, Rani Baug, Veer Mata Jijbai Bhonsle Udyan, Byculla East
Entry Fees: For adults ₹10, For kids ₹5, for foreigners ₹100

  • Byculla Railway Station

    Located on the central line of Mumbai’s Suburban Railway Network, the Byculla Railway Station is the oldest train station in the country. The station was established during the construction of the Bombay to Thane railway line in 1853 and has stood tall for more than 150 years.
    The Byculla Railway Station is not merely an important historical landmark in Mumbai. This station is a strategically important point in the train route connecting the suburbs of Mumbai to South Mumbai.
Location: Byculla West, Mazgaon, Mumbai
Entry Fees: NIL
  • Gloria Church

    Renowned as one of the oldest Roman Catholic Churches in the city of Mumbai, Gloria Church was constructed in the year 1632. Although the original structure of this church, also known as Our Lady of Glory Church, was demolished in 1911 and was reconstructed in 1913.
    With its British Gothic architecture revolving around four mesmerising towers, the church is a sight to behold and is one of the places to visit in Byculla. Gloria Church is easily accessible through the Byculla Railway Station as well as by bus.
Location: Sant Savata Mali Marg, Byculla East, Byculla
Entry Fees: NIL
  • Hasnabad Mosque

    The Hasnabad Mosque is one of the most popular places to visit in Byculla. With its stunning minarets constructed in white and blue marble, the mosque is said to resemble the structure of the iconic Taj Mahal and is fondly referred to as the city’s very own Taj Mahal.
    The mosque is a sight to behold at dusk with the rays of the falling sun and the hues of the evening sky bringing out the stunning intricacies of its design and architecture. You can reach Hasnabad Mosque through the Reay Road Railway Station and the Byculla Railway Station. The mosque is also accessible via bus.
Location:Sant Savata Mali Marg, Byculla East, Byculla
Entry Fees: NIL
  • Marine Drive

    If you are in Mumbai, visiting the stunning magic that is Marine Drive at Nariman Point is an absolute must. This scenic attraction is just 5.6 kilometers away from the Byculla Railway Station by road. Also known as the Queen’s Necklace, this 3-kilometres long promenade runs adjacent to the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road whilst overlooking the Arabian Sea.
    The C-shaped concrete road is an easy way to enjoy a quiet walk alongside the bay or to stand still and absorb the soothing sea breeze. With the horizon expanding as far as the eye can see, Marine Drive holds distinct magic that cannot be described, only felt.
    The Mahalaxmi Racecourse, built in 1883, is not only a racecourse from the Royal Western India Turf Club, Ltd., but is also designated as a heritage site because of its popularity. If you want to explore the vastness of this beautiful green racecourse, you can enjoy a drive outside the grounds or attend one of the many public events that are held on the grounds from time to time.
    To calm your soul, you can also visit the awe-inspiring Haji Ali Dargah, located on an islet on the Arabian Sea, with only one path from the mainland leading to the dargah’s compound. This singular pathway is submerged underwater during the high tide, so you will be able to make your way to the dargah. Or if you want to want to admire the elaborate architecture of a renowned derasar, you can make your way to the Sheth Motisha Adeshwarji Jain Temple, built by the late merchant Sheth Motichand, whose selfless service, charity and devotion to humanity and living beings is an example to live by!
Location: Marine Drive, Mumbai
Entry Fees: NIL
  • Gateway of India

    One of the most recognisable markers known as of Mumbai is the one welcoming visitors to the iconic city. The Gateway of India in Colaba is, in many ways, synonymous with the identity of Mumbai. Built in 1924, the landmark is frequently visited by tourists and locals alike.
    Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the Gateway of India is adorned with delicate stone latticework and a combination of the architectures of the Roman era and 16th-century Gujarat. At a distance of 6 kilometres from Byculla, the Colaba’s Gateway of India is worth the drive or train ride if you are in or around Byculla.
Location: Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai
Entry Fees: NIL
  • Churchgate

    Another of Mumbai’s iconic landmarks is Churchgate. In the middle of the nineteenth century, when Mumbai was a walled city, Churchgate was one of the three gates flanking the walls of the city. Now the area is one of South Mumbai’s most popular neighbourhoods, including a railway station that constitutes the terminus of the western line of the Mumbai Suburban Train Network.
    The Churchgate Railway Station is a sight to behold and there are several popular tourist attractions in and around the station, including Leopold Café, the Wankhede Cricket Stadium, and the Gateway of India. You can reach Churchgate via the western line of the Mumbai Suburban Train Network or via road.
Location: South Mumbai
Entry Fees: NIL

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which important place is located in Byculla?

    One of Byculla’s famous places is the Hasnabad Mosque. With its stunning minarets made of white and blue marble, the mosque is said to resemble the structure of the iconic Taj Mahal.

  • What are the popular places to visit in Byculla?

    Here are some of the famous places in Byculla: Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Hasnabad Mosque, Churchgate, Kwan Kung Temple

  • What are the best experiences one can get in Byculla?

    Byculla is well-known for its historical and natural surroundings. Here are some of the best things to do in Byculla to immerse yourself in its culture: visit Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, visit Gloria Church, eat biryani and seekh kebabs at Sarvi, visit Jijamata Udyaan, visit Hasnabad Dargah.

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