Vastu for South Facing House – Entrance, Direction & More

Vastu for South Facing House - Entrance, Direction & More

Vastu Shastra is about managing all kinds of energies in and around a space. Since east-facing houses are associated with nothing but good luck and prosperity, most people look forward to buying them. And south-facing homes are usually considered inauspicious since the God of Death, Yama, lives in that direction.

But that’s not true. Any house that is planned according to Vastu Shastra is perfect for living. Anyone who decides to purchase a south-facing plot must adhere to the south-facing house Vastu plan. 

Here, we have listed some commendable tips for planning a south-facing home. One must stay tuned until the end to fill their home with all sorts of positive energies.

Let’s get started.

Positioning the Entrance Door in the Center of the South

As per the southwest-facing house Vastu, the house’s main entrance must be placed at the center. This helps in lining up the positive energies of the south-facing home. Nonetheless, having entrances towards the left is also considered appropriate. But it’s best to have it in the center.

One must avoid making the entrance towards the right of the central wall. Doing this is usually considered inauspicious as per the Vastu for south-facing houses. 

Installing a Large Main Door

In addition to positioning the entrance door, one must consider installing large-sized doors. This brings in positive, welcoming energy while instantly driving away all negative energy. Also, ensure that the main door opens inwards and, most preferably, in a clockwise fashion.

Adding a threshold and keeping the area well-lit will deliberately increase positive energy. These tips for Vastu for south-facing houses are absolutely logical.

Positioning the Master Bedroom in the Northern Direction

The ideal positions for establishing a master bedroom are the east and north directions, as per the southeast-facing house Vastu. It is suggested that this direction typically generates positive energy. It also makes the bedroom an extremely relaxing and inviting space. But those houses that have multiple floors must have the master bedroom on the highest level.

And when it comes to positioning guests’ and kids’ bedrooms, the northwest part is the ideal direction. Nevertheless, this rule can either be relaxed or included as per the choice of the homeowner.

Complying with the Kitchen Vastu is Equally Important

The south-facing house Vastu plan suggests that the user must face east if the kitchen is in the southeast direction. Adhering to this position helps in providing maximum sunlight. Besides, when it comes to cooking in northwest direction kitchens, users must face the west.

The Vastu principle also suggests the ideal color palette for south-facing house kitchens. Shades of red, brown, and orange are considered auspicious. So, one can consider the same colors for the rest of the interior.

Position the Pooja Room According to the Vastu Plan

The southwest-facing house Vastu dictates that the west or east are the ideal directions for pooja room placement. Apart from the location, one must consider a few other things. One must choose wooden material over stone and metal for the mandir setup.

The Vastu of Bathrooms and Toilets 

The directions of the bathroom and toilet are of equal importance, as per Vastu Shastra. And the ideal position of the bathroom for south-facing homes must either be west or northwest. It is also essential to choose the right colors to ensure positive energy all around. For a symmetrical and balanced bathroom, one can consider using shades of red, pink, or violet that aren’t very bright.

To Conclude

That’s all, folks! Whenever it comes to purchasing south-facing homes, one must check whether they adhere to all the principles of Vastu. For the southeast-facing house, Vastu suggests keeping an open area towards the north or east. Also, ensure that open spaces in the south or west are not greater in number.

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