Pooja Room Vastu – Direction, Color, & More | Vastu Tips for Mandir at Home

Pooja Room Vastu - Direction, Color, & More

It is no secret that Indian homes are incomplete without a proper pooja or mandir area. This space is of vital importance as it is sacred and tends to give out positive energy. In other words, a mandir at home is the most sacred place and the epicenter of positive energy.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a pooja room as per Vastu in the house. But what happens if the pooja room is not built as per the principles? Well, the room might not be at its full potential and probably demand repairs and adjustments.

Establish Pooja Room at Home According to Vastu Plan

This article will give valuable insights into the pooja room direction as per Vastu. Please keep reading until the end to have a detailed and clear understanding of the appropriate color, material, design, etc.

Direction of Mandir at Home as Per Vastu

Establishing a mandir area at home as per pooja room Vastu is of great importance. Here, we have listed some commendable tips given by experts:

  • The ideal mandir direction, as per Vastu in the house, is in the northeast direction. If one doesn’t find appropriate places in this direction, the north or east corners will also serve the purpose. And when nothing works, putting up a pooja room in the west is permissible.
  • As per pooja room Vastu, one must never establish a mandir against the wall of a bathroom or under a staircase.
  • One must ensure they face the east or north while offering prayers as it’s considered inauspicious.
  • The pooja room direction, as per Vastu, must be aligned along the east, north, or northeast directions.
  • It is best to design the mandir room on the ground floor to achieve the best results. As per Vastu, mandirs at home should not be built in the basements or upper floors.

Color and Design of Pooja Room at Home According to Vastu

In this section, we will be discussing the Vastu tips for mandir in a flat. Adhering to these tips will ensure a continuous flow of energy and attract positivity. Experts suggest:

  • The pooja room doors and windows must open out towards the north or east direction.
  • The Vastu for pooja room facing suggests that the idols in the pooja room at home must not face each other. Also, the idols must not face the door nor be too close to the wall.
  • Ensure placing the Agni Kund and lamps in the southeast direction. Also, see to it that the idols in the pooja room are neither chipped nor broken.
  • The pooja room, as per Vastu, must not be used for any other purpose, like a storage room. If there is anything that needs to be stored, one must locate cupboards in the south or the west.
  • A pooja room color, as per Vastu, must be some soothing and subtle shade like yellow, white, light blue, etc. It is important to paint the mandir at home with some soothing colors to welcome all the prosperity.
  • Using copper vessels in the pooja room is considered auspicious. So, one must discard all other vessels and consider using copper vessels for the mandir at home.
  • It is ideal for making two shutter doors for the pooja room at home. It must preferably be made from wood.
  • If possible, the pooja space at home must have a pyramid-shaped tower. This helps in maximizing the positive vibrations of supernatural power. And as per Vastu, a threshold to the pooja room also works great.

To Conclude

A pooja room at home gives the entire space lots of positive energy. This is why it is important to adhere to the mandir direction as per Vastu and build it accordingly. Also, it is crucial to keep this sanctified space extremely sacred, thereby ensuring that it meets all Vastu compliances.

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