Master Bedroom Vastu – Direction, Color, & More | Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Master Bedroom Vastu - Direction, Color, & More | Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Building a dream home is not that easy. Conceptualizing, creating, and building a dream abode involves quite a few factors. Especially when it comes to the bedroom, there are numerous aspects to be considered.

There’s no denying the fact that the bedroom offers peaceful hours of sleep after a toiling day. Quite naturally, if it’s not constructed in the right way, there can be negative impacts on one’s mental health. It’s right here that Vastu Shastra plays an important part, and there are a few Vastu tips for the bedroom that will help an individual generate immense positivity.

The master bedroom of the house is one of the most essential spaces for the residents. So, before making the plan for a master bedroom, one must keep in mind to note all the important elements and plan their master bedroom as per Vastu.

When all the elements or pieces of furniture are placed correctly in the master bedroom, it further assures that homeowners will experience several benefits in their overall well-being. Here are certain pointers to keep in mind to set the master bedroom Vastu right.

  • Position of the Bedroom

    In most homes these days, there are several bedrooms. It is suggested that while creating a home, one must always keep in mind to follow the appropriate master bedroom direction as per Vastu. The placement of the master bedroom in the north direction of the home is considered a great start. This placement of the bedroom will help the residents achieve a successful career. The master bedroom of a house should promote peace and relieve stress for the residents. If the master bedroom is placed in the right direction, it also helps to achieve greater mental health and physical strength. The master bedroom in a house should never be placed in the middle of the home. This area is known as the Brahmasthan. This place is suggested to be kept empty as this will promote the free flow of energy.

  • Placement of the Bed

    Now that the direction of the master bedroom has been discussed. One must understand the importance of setting up the bed direction as per Vastu. The bed must be placed correctly to ward off negative energies and generate positivity. The head of the bed should be pointed towards the south in the bedroom. If for any reason, the south side is not available, the east orientation should be chosen. These are the ideal directions to sleep in and have been proven beneficial for most people. It should also be noted that the bed must not directly align under any beam and not support any wall in the bedroom. This will prevent negative energy from entering the space.

  • Direction for Doors and Windows

    The bed and the bedroom door must not align in a straight line. While one is sleeping, the feet should not directly point toward the bedroom door. The bed must be adjusted accordingly, keeping in mind this factor. One should also check that the master bedroom has windows that facilitate the proper flow of air and energy. The best directions to have a window in a master bedroom are the north and the east direction.

  • Color Choice

    The color of the master bedroom has a great psychological impact on everyone. It is important to choose an appropriate color for the master bedroom, keeping in mind the proper balance of Vastu colors. The color of the master bedroom will further stimulate emotions within the residents.

To Sum It Up

Planning to create an ideal safe place at home? Making plans to buy a home or remodel the current home? Most homeowners face a crisis when they buy a home and later face problems with the vibe or ambiance of the overall home. Every person plans to lead a happy, peaceful, and successful life. Quite naturally, following the Vastu tips for the bedroom before building it is essential. If one buys a new home, it is easy to correct these and make suitable changes. When it comes to getting a bedroom that is already Vastu-compliant, Piramal Realty offers a wide range of property options to meet the needs and requirements of all homeowners. Check out the range of properties available with them and get a perfectly Vastu-aligned and Vastu-compliant bedroom.

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