Main Door House Entrance Vastu – Main Door Direction as per Vastu

Main Door House Entrance Vastu - Main Door Direction as per Vastu

Along with making sure that the entrance of a home is aesthetically pleasing, it should also be made sure that the house entrance is Vastu-approved. When the Vastu for the home entrance is appropriate, it helps in attracting positive energy and vibes into the living space.

The main door of the house is not just an entry point for the members of the home to get into the property but also invites energy. Hence, it must be built keeping in mind the main door house entrance Vastu.

The entrance of the house is the transition zone passing through which individuals enter a property. It also serves as a middle ground that helps to invite happiness and good luck into the property.

The entrance of the house has gained quite a lot of importance as it allows cosmic energy to reside in the proper or lets it out. The main entrance of the home is noticed to promote health, wealth, and harmony for all the residents.

There are several tips that should be followed for the main door of any property. They are:

  • The Direction of the Main Door

    The main door direction as per Vastu must be in the north, east, northeast, or west direction. All these directions are considered positive and auspicious for a home entrance. It is suggested to avoid the south, southwest, and northwest directions while creating the main entrance for the home. If the main door is in the south or southwest direction, it can be corrected with the help of a lead helix or a lead metal pyramid. Also, a northwest main entrance can be corrected with the help of a copper helix.

  • Size of the Main Door

    The main door size as per Vastu must be larger than most of the doors on the property. This is an important factor to note as this will ensure good luck with the property. This will also make sure to bring fortune and health to the family. The main door of the house must always open in a clockwise direction. When other doors are directly aligned to the main door, this can result in a serious Vastu defect.

  • Main Entrance Decorations

    Decorating the main entrance of the property with live green plants is suggested. When green plants are introduced to any space, it instantly tends to elevate the overall aesthetic and vibe of the space. However, it is suggested that one must be careful to decorate the house entry as per Vastu. This feature will help by inviting energy and aura into the home. There should be no dead plants in the main entrance section. It is suggested to avoid animal statues or other figurines near the home entrance. The hanging of bells in the entrance area will be effective in bringing a positive aura into the residential space. It should also be made sure that there is no loud noise in the entrance area. Putting fresh green plants in this arena will welcome a fresh aura. Small elements such as wind chimes or Buddha statues can also be strategically incorporated into the property.

To Sum It Up

While planning for the main entrance of a property is important, one must follow the principles of Vastu for home entrance. The main entrance of the home helps in attracting and welcoming positive energy into the property. It also helps to bring wealth and prosperity. 

There are several detailed guidelines that one must follow while creating the entrance to their home. When all the Vastu tips and guidelines are followed properly, they help in promoting peace and harmony on the property. It also makes sure to stop or restrict letting in any negative energy or evil to interfere with the atmosphere of the home. 

Most homeowners are looking for an ideal property that follows all the principles of Vastu. Piramal Realty presents a range of residential properties that all follow the essential principles of Vastu. Therefore, this will make sure that all the residents and their families experience a happy stay. 

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