Living Room Vastu – Direction, Color, & More | Vastu Tips for Living Room

Top 4 Living Room Tips as Per Vastu - Direction, Color, & More

Whether it’s friends, relatives, colleagues, or visitors, the living room is the first location they step into. It is the central space where all the activities of the home take place and the common area that promotes social activities between friends and families.

Hence, it is important for the living space to not just be warm and comfortable for the guests and family members; but also generate positivity. Homeowners should follow the living room Vastu principle, and once it is incorporated into a modern home or property, it will further help to create a healthy space.

When looking at properties, one must observe the living room closely. Most residents tend to spend the maximum amount of time in their living rooms doing several activities. Therefore, when the homeowners make sure that the Vastu tips for living rooms are properly followed, the ambiance of the property will be welcoming.

  • Entrance

    The entrance of the living space is quite important as it sets the mood and vibe for a house. Whether a house will be negative or positive is usually determined by the entrance. The most favorable positions for the entrance of the living room are north, east, and northeast. The entrance should also be well-illuminated to invite positive reflection. Homeowners can also place a floral toran on the property. Another important factor is that homeowners must avoid placing their shoe racks right beside the entrance. This interferes with the Vastu for the hall. It also does not look good if there is a shoe rack at the entrance of the living room.

  • Direction

    The living room direction, as per Vastu, must be either in the north, east, northeast, or northwest directions. This will make sure that the living arena receives the right amount of light and air throughout the day. Homeowners must also note that the dining room is rightly placed in the living room. The dining space should be positioned in the east or southeast direction of the living room hall.

  • Furniture Layout

    Layout It is suggested to avoid circular or round-shaped furniture. Homeowners should prefer rectangular or square pieces as this is one of the key Vastu decorative items for living rooms. Homeowners are also suggested to implement several wooden pieces of furniture as they help to emit higher energy vibrations. Synthetic materials should be avoided when it comes to choosing furniture for the property.

  • Color Scheme

    While choosing Vastu colors for the living room, homeowners should be extra careful. Different colors help to attract different energies. It is advised to avoid dark colors such as green and blue and rather choose neutral colors such as creams and whites. Homeowners can also choose warm colors for the living space to make it more comfortable and warmer. It is advised that homeowners must avoid loud shades such as red and black, as these colors tend to absorb more negative energy. When a lighter hue is chosen for the living room, it reflects light, illuminates the space, and further helps to spread positivity.

Final Thoughts

The living room of any home is the hub of the abode. This is where the members of the home unwind for the day and relax. It is extremely important to create a living room as per Vastu principles.

This will impact the energy that passes through the entire living room arena. This is also a space where the members and acquaintances interact with one another. Hence, space must have a lively and positive vibe.

So, now that the importance of Vastu for living rooms is clear, prospective homeowners would like to invest in properties that are Vastu-compliant. In this regard, Piramal Realty presents a wide range of residential properties that are Vastu-approved to ensure the well-being of homeowners and their families.

It would be a great investment to get a property that aligns with the principles of Vastu and has a living room that generates positivity. These tips discussed in this article will surely help to create a calm, comforting, spacious, and warm living room in your dream abode.

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