First Step Towards New Beginnings: The Importance & Best Griha Pravesh Muhurat In 2023

Best Griha Pravesh Muhurat In 2023 (Month-Wise Dates) and Nakshatra

Entering a new home represents a new beginning in a person’s life. Shubh muhurats are generally crucial to Indians when they purchase property and move into it, and the ceremony is called griha pravesh. It is a belief that performing griha pravesh on an auspicious day will bring good fortune.

Based on astrological charts, the priest usually decides the auspicious date for griha pravesh poojas. But to answer general queries of readers, here are the best griha pravesh muhurats in 2023.

Importance of Gruhapravesam

Here are some benefits of doing housewarming prayers.

  • Griha Pravesh muhurat puja protects the house from evil forces and attracts positive energy.
  • It helps create a holy and divine atmosphere in the house and its surroundings.
  • In a new phase of life, one can eliminate the obstacles that they may encounter by performing the housewarming ritual.
  • Invoking the blessings of the nine planets and the nine deities during Griha Pravesh puja protects the home and its occupants and prevents unfortunate events.

Best Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2023

Listed below are the best griha pravesh muhurat in 2023.

Dates in January Griha Pravesh Dates in 2023
January 25, Wednesday08:05 PM – 26 January 07.12 AM
January 27, Friday09:10 AM – 06:37 PM
January 30, Monday10:10 PM – 31 January 07:10 AM
Dates in FebruaryGriha Pravesh Dates in 2023
February 01, Wednesday07:10 AM – 02:01 PM
February 08, Wednesday08:15 PM – 09 February 06:23 AM
February 10, Friday00:18 AM – 11 February 07:03 AM
February 22, Wednesday06:54 AM – 23 February 03.24 AM
Dates in MarchGriha Pravesh Dates in 2023
March 08, Wednesday06:39 AM – 09 March 04:20 AM
March 10, Friday06:37 AM – 09:42 PM
March 13, Monday09:27 PM – 14 March 06:33 AM
March 17, Friday06:29 AM – 18 March 02.46 AM

 There is no good day for housewarming in April, July, August, September and October 2023.

Dates in MayGriha Pravesh Dates in 2023
May 06, Saturday09:13 PM – 07 May 05:36 AM
May 15, Monday09:08 AM – 16 May 01:03 AM
May 20, Saturday09:30 PM – 21 May 05:27 AM
May 22, Monday05:27 AM – 10:37 AM
May 29, Monday11:49 AM – 30 May 4:29 AM
May 31, Wednesday06:00 AM – 01:45 PM
Dates in JuneGriha Pravesh Dates in 2023
June 12, Monday10:34 AM – 13 June 05:23 AM
Dates in NovemberGriha Pravesh Dates in 2023
November 17, Friday01:17 AM – 18 Nov 06:46 AM
November 22, Wednesday06:37 PM – 23 Nov 06:50 AM
November 23, Thursday06:50 AM – 08:01 PM
November 27, Monday02:45 PM – 28 Nov 06:54 AM
November 29, Wednesday06:54 AM – 01:59 PM
Dates in DecemberGriha Pravesh Dates in 2023
December 08, Friday08:54 AM – 09 December 06:31 AM
December 15, Friday08:10 AM – 10:30 PM
December 21, Thursday09:37 AM – 09:09 PM

Best Nakshatra for Griha Pravesh 2023

Astrology identifies 27 nakshatras as auspicious stars. Listed below are the best nakshatra to perform gruhapravesam.

Uttara PhalguniShatabhisha
Uttara Bhadrapada 

Gruhapravesam Types as Per Vastu Shanti Muhurat

A housewarming ceremony does not necessarily need to occur only when one moves into a new home. As per Vastu Shastra, there are three basic types of Griha Pravesh:

  • Apoorva:

    The ceremony of entering a new home is called Apoorva Griha Pravesh.
  • Sapoorva:

    When a person leaves his house vacant because they stay at another place for some reason. Sapoorva Griha Pravesh happens after they return home a few times.
  • Dwandhav:

    A person who leaves his home helplessly due to a natural calamity or another reason. They must perform the Dwandhav Griha Pravesh Puja to live again in their house.


More than a religious ritual, Griha Pravesh signifies a new beginning in one’s life. Buying or building a house is a big milestone in people’s life and more than just providing shelter, a home offers a peaceful time under a roof of assurance. Figuratively, a home is where one’s heart is.

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