Benefits of Having an Active Lifestyle

Benefits of Having an Active Lifestyle

The human body can do wonderful things like self-healing small wounds, protecting the internal organs from damage due to mild impact, and much more. When the body is constantly on the lookout, shouldn’t we also be responsible for providing it with the nutrition and exercise it requires daily?

Most of us may complain that the daily hassles of life do not allow any time for a detailed workout at the gymnasium. But, even if we can spare 15-30 minutes for a walk or a jog, we are still doing our bodies a favor. Our bodies need exercise for several reasons, and sometimes, even the busiest people find time to develop an active lifestyle. To understand the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, here is what one can do.

How to Benefit from an Active Lifestyle?

An active lifestyle does not mean doing the bare minimum during the day. If one can sneak in even 15 or 30 minutes of physical activity, depending on the intensity, rest assured that the body is getting enough movement. A healthy body protects one better from illnesses and ailments and aids in faster recovery if one has already been sick.

Today, with the work-from-home culture and most people working long hours at the desk, basic physical movement may be hard to come by.

These are some of the important benefits of physical activity that are most discussed:

  • Improved blood circulation

    It has been widely discussed that physical activity is important for everyone, no matter their age if one is physically capable of doing some exercise during the day. This is because our blood circulation needs to be top-notch to help all our organs function well.
    Even though weight loss should not be the sole aim of exercising, healthy blood circulation aids weight loss. Therefore jogging, walking, skipping, and running are recommended forms of cardio workouts.

  • Helps Sleep Better

    When someone follows a daily workout routine or maintains an active lifestyle, their body can regulate the body clock. The mild exertion one feels after a long walk or an hour at the gym will help one sleep better at night. One will notice being able to sleep well for 7-8 hours regularly instead of feeling awake late at night.
    With regular activity over the weeks, one can notice themselves falling asleep at the right time at night and waking up fresh at sunrise. This is because only with adequate activity can the body regulate its’s sleep patterns.

  • Destresses the Mind and Body

    To stay active, one can engage in any activity. Whether one chooses to cycle, take a brisk walk in the open air, or swim a few laps, any activity that improves blood circulation without feeling like exercise is beneficial.

  • Helps Digestion

    It is not enough to just eat healthily; it is equally important to eat meals on time. With adequate exercise during the day, one will feel hungry only when they need to eat and not anytime during the day. Most people try to grab a meal at any time of the day due to their fast-paced lives, but this is not a healthy practice. The key is not to eat for the sake of satiating hunger but to give the body the fuel and nutrition it needs daily.
    If someone burns calories daily, apart from aiding in healthier digestion, they will also be able to relish the taste and texture of their food as the body will enjoy the nutrition.


Everyone knows the importance of regular exercise; however, finding the time can be a challenge. However, when one lives in a residential property that offers all that one needs to keep oneself fit and active while enjoying the greenery, fresh air, and beauty of nature, this can be an incentive to get moving.

Piramal Realty’s residential properties in Mumbai comprise amenities such as walking, running, and jogging tracks in ample green and open spaces around the property so that residents can enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. So, anyone looking for an apartment with jogging tracks, a gymnasium, and other amenities should consider Piramal Realty.

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