Bathroom & Toilet Direction as Per Vastu | Vastu Tips for Bathroom

Bathroom & Toilet Direction as Per Vastu | Vastu Tips for Bathroom

One should know that necessity is the platform for innovation. Interior designers and architects work day-in and day-out to deliver the best and most luxurious interiors for homes. While many consider the bedroom and bathroom to be an unlucky combination, the bathroom Vastu can solve such problems.

Making specific alterations to the interior design can help in getting rid of negative energy. This article will give certain informative insights into the Vastu tips for bathrooms and toilets. Let’s get started and check these out!

Important Vastu Tips for Attached Toilet and Bathroom Direction

Here, we have made a comprehensive list of the most commendable principles of toilet direction as per Vastu in the bedroom:

  • Bathroom and Toilet Direction

    When it comes to purchasing a ready-to-move-in-apartment, one must check whether the positioning of toilets is as per Vastu. It is considered that the west or northwest directions are the best positions for establishing an attached bathroom. The southern side of the room is considered another favorable side for building bathrooms. However, one should never have the toilet or the bathroom on the eastern or north-eastern side of the room.

  • Bathroom Door

    The doors of the toilets as per Vastu are suggested to be on the eastern or northern wall. Vastu also suggests that the bathroom door must never face the southwest direction. This is because most residential bathrooms are attached to the bedroom. Also, experts suggest keeping the bathroom door closed when it’s not in use.

  • Choose a Position Higher Than the Ground

    For smaller homes, it might be challenging to build a spacious bathroom. But there is a very simple remedy to this problem. As per bathroom Vastu, building a toilet a little higher than the ground level is always better. It is never encouraged to have a bathroom space on the same level as the ground. And keeping it a little secluded is beneficial on scientific grounds as well.
  • Position of the Commode

    According to the toilet direction as per Vastu, the commode should be in a typical position. One must ensure that the user doesn’t face the east or the west. This means the best position for having a flush toilet is either northwest, southeast, north, or south.
  • Ideal Place for Water Closet

    The wash basin direction, as per Vastu, must be set towards the northeast axis of the bathroom. Also, a bathroom with a leaky water setting is never favorable. Thus, keeping the tap closed is always recommended when it’s not in use. One must also avoid sharing the bathroom wall with a mandir or kitchen wall.
  • Best Position for Placing Washing Machine

    Not everyone can have a spacious bathroom. However, they can place their washing machines inside the bathroom if anybody has one. There are some rules for keeping the washing machine as per Vastu. The southwest or northwest corner of the bathroom is the ideal place to do the laundry.
  • Ideal Colour for Bathroom

    According to Vastu Bathrooms are usually used with closed doors. Therefore, it is always essential to keep the bathroom space airy, thereby always ensuring freshness. As per Vastu, it is always best to put light colors on the bathroom walls. This helps to keep the energy positive and the decorations minimal. One should avoid painting their bathroom walls with dark colors. The best suitable colors for bathroom walls are grey, pink, light blue, and white.

To Conclude

A bathroom or toilet is not just about flush toilets, basins, commodes, taps, etc. Modern-day bathrooms are likely to include a plethora of electronic appliances that need to be positioned in the right place. So, adhering to the Vastu tips for the bathroom will only help in setting the energy right at home.

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