Anand Piramal

Executive Director, Piramal Group; Non-Executive Director, Piramal Enterprises;
Founder, Piramal Realty

Anand Piramal is the Executive Director of Piramal Group and Founder of Piramal Realty Pvt. Ltd. He has a proven and strong track record of independently establishing and building valued businesses.
Under the guidance and leadership of Anand, the real estate arm of Piramal Enterprises, Piramal Realty was established in 2012. He has played a pivotal role in the acquisition of prime land parcels across Mumbai, the building of a great team and the designing of world class buildings. Anand led and aided the raising of capital from Goldman Sachs and Warburg Pincus, two of the world’s most respected investors, to the tune of USD 434 million.
Prior to his stint at Piramal Realty, he founded a rural healthcare start-up called ‘Piramal eSwasthya’. At eSwasthya, he spearheaded the acquisition of HMRI (Health Management Research Institute). Today, the merged entity, ‘Piramal Swasthya’, is India’s largest private primary healthcare initiative, with 3,500 employees, 450 doctors, serving 70,000 patients daily, across 11 states through its health hotlines, mobile medical units and telemedicine centres. In 2015, it won the ‘Times Social Impact’ Award and in 2013 the Forbes Philanthropy Award. A Harvard Business School case study written about the initiative ‘Piramal e Swasthya: Attempting Big Changes for Small Places’ is taught at many leading academic institutions such as Harvard and IIMs.
Anand majored in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and Business Administration from the prestigious Harvard Business School. He is also the youngest President of the Youth Wing of the 100-year-old Indian Merchant Chambers.


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